Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thankful Thursdays {And Why It Sucks to Be Not Rich}

First off let me start by saying
this week has started off by being kinda crappy
not only have I been in a funky mood
{thanks to my good ole doc upping my meds to double!}
and them doing a number on my brain
but my car has been acting up!
Not. good.
Theeeeen, my little guy has been having
some issues with his new reading teacher.
So I've been on an emotional roller coaster
to say the least.
So getting back to the car trouble.
Now you know why I titled the blog post as such.
You know how you're just digging yourself out of a
financial hole and then some $@#T happens and it
really ticks you off! Well thanks to my meds it's REALLY MAGNIFIED NOW
and it doesn't help that we're only a few payments away
from paying off the stinkin' car (well of course you say)
Anywho, there is a thankfulness to this post.
Just hold on a bit, will ya.
Notice that I didn't say "Why it sucks to be poor", or "Why it sucks to be broke", neither of which we are.
In fact, we are far from it. But, because of my medical issue it has been a struggle. But, because I have been very fortunate to hold a very good job and very good health insurance it COULD have been worse.
There's the thankfulness. :D
I am very fortunate that I make a good living.
I am very fortunate that in this tough economy I have the skills to go out and find a job if I needed to.
A job that is actually in demand.
There are not a lot of people in my field (thankfully)
((Not that I want to test it out))
But sometimes, don't you just wish you had the money to go out and buy yourself something nice? (Disclaimer: I usually buy stuff on clearance and once in a blue moon)
Something just for you?
Is that being too selfish of me?
Like for instance, this past weekend I saw a cute belt in a downtown boutique and it cost $28 ((gasp!! a fortune for us with kids!!) and I.Bought.It!
I hadn't bought a belt in years!!!!!!!!!
And I felt .....GUILTY.
I didn't want to show my husband.
I showed my daughter.
She was happy for me. :]
She complimented my good taste.
I haven't worn it yet.

Jennifer Lopez Waffle-Weave Cocoon Wool Cardigan

And just awhile ago I was going thru the Kohl's website dreaming of the new JLo clothing line and picking this and that outfit that I'll probably NEVER buy because I'll end up buying my kids more things that they need.
And I'm thankful that I can afford to do that.
To get them the things they need.
Heck maybe someday when THEY are grown and gone
I'll be rockin' some JLo heels!

Jennifer Lopez Peep-Toe Platform High Heels

How about you?
Do you dream of rockin' a killer wardrobe?
A professional colorist doing your hair? (wouldn't THAT be nice?)
What do you wish for?

P.S. After typing this up I also remembered that in ALL my life I've only had a mani and pedi ONCE!
ONCE! and that's because I won a contest at work. Isn't that sad! LOL
Never had a SPA day.
Never had a professional massage.
I color my own hair (although I've had it done professionally a few times)
What can I say, I'm a do it yourself kinda gal.

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  1. If I wore those JLo heels, I would have medical problems (a broken ankle)!

    Sorry you have medical problems - what meds are you taking?


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