Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Town-McKinney, Texas

Mac Town Representin'!!!
Kate over at
is doing a link up of all our towns
and I am here to represent our town
McKinney, Texas!
What's so great about my town you ask?
Well let me show ya!

Historic homes:

The Faires House
The Taylor House
Dulaney House
Bevel House
All these homes are in the historic section of Chestnut Square in Downtown McKinney. (they even have ghost tours!) You can read all about them here>>Chestnut Square

McKinney is located 30 minutes north of downtown Dallas and offers major shopping centers and restaurants with all the modern conveniences of life. But what I enjoy the most is its downtown charm and quaint antique shops.
My most favorite shop and one you'll read about a lot here on my blog is
The Antique Company Mall
You can find so many treasures on any given day from old typewriters to vintage toys to vintage wedding gowns, they've got it all!

Historic downtown also offers upscale boutiques not found anywhere else and unique eateries as well as well known gelato -my fave - Paciugo!

Here is one of the oldest courthouses in Texas converted to a performing arts center

There's even a winery!

38 compressed.jpg

Landon Winery

McKinney has also been on many lists as the best places to live in America :)
Recently it made the Money Magazine top 5 places to live in America and living here I can see why.
Tucker Hill Neighborhood
We have lots of parks and hiking trails and did I mention shopping! I love finding treasures in our thrift shops like the Goodwill and the other little hidden thrift stores and of course the weekly garage sales.
It's always fun to venture downtown. It's got a charisma all it's own.

You can read all about the history of McKinney here
Hope to see some of you in my part of the world soon :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink and Cupcakes

Sometimes we just like to go try new things
so last week we went here

because we'll try anything once
but one look at all the pink and the little guy refused to eat
any of the cupcakes, go figure. The fact that they had this
in the middle of the place didn't help any either

It's really very cute you see, in this carriage, you can add sprinkles to your cupcakes. I added some to mine.
It was hard deciding which kind of cupcake to pick, so I took the special buy 4 get one free.
Now the big question is, are they better than the ones I make at home? The answer from my boys was a big "No, Mom, yours are better, let's save our money next time!" So there you have it. My boys prefer Mom's homemade cupcakes. It was nice for this Mom to go to a place with lots and lots of pink and for my boys to indulge Mom with a nice relaxing evening out and while they ate their pizza I ate my cupcake with this

my Starbucks milk- based mint- chocolate chip cold drink. I don't know what it's called and since it's milk based and I'm allergic to milk, I rarely drink it so it was a big SPLURGE for me but I SO was craving it (and in between sips I was praying my face wouldn't blow up the next day as an allergic reaction and it didn't, thank you dear LORD!!)
So all in all if you want to try something of a novelty try the cupcakes at $2.80 a pop, they're a bit pricey but like I said, they're good for a splurge ohhhh maybe once a year. They alternate flavors according to their white board. They will have red velvet, pumpkin, etc. The ones we got were birthday cake, vanilla, chocolate peanut butter fugde and cookies and cream. My big guy really liked the cookies and cream.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Saturday {Back to School Mayhem}

Not the most wonderful time of the year for me.
Back to school means chaos and stress.
Money and more money to spend.
On supplies, clothing, band supplies
and more school supplies.
Pretty soon picture days, fund raisers,field trips
and now after school care.

The hubster got a full time job which
we're happy and thankful for.
But now he does not have the flexibility
he used to have as a self employed person.
Which means the little guy has
to spend even more time at school :(
The first day did not go well.
The little guy had a headache and let EVERYONE
know that he had one.(yikes)
I told him that the situation  had changed and
that we all had to make adjustments.
He understands now.
The hubster will pick him up on his day off during
the week and my oldest will too.
Which means we'll be paying for the full week and he'll get to go to after school care maybe 3-4 days a week.
But it's ok, since it means this Momma gets peace of mind when there is a thunderstorm (I think I remember what those are?), or it finally gets cold outside.

But I digress.
Saturday was spent running around getting eye exams, meeting craigslist people to buy expensive
TI-84 Silver plus edition calculators (oh boy!!) buying more supplies, groceries, planning our meals for the next week, doing laundry, folding and putting away said laundry, cleaning the house and finally
going out to dinner with my wonderful husband who worked till 4 p.m.
Oh, and I am on a new miracle drug for migraines.
My doc thinks this will help not only for the migraines but for the residual effects of my stroke.
I started out last Saturday and let me tell you I almost quit it made me so drowsy!! I felt like I was on 3-4 Benadryl!!

And remember, I'm an accountant for goodness sakes, I rely on my brain A LOT!
So I decided mid-week to adjust the time of my dosage and start taking it at 2 p.m. every day that way the loopiness won't kick in until I get home. And guess what?
It works!
The drowsiness has subsided and the next side effect has kicked in: loss of appetite. This one I'm not going to complain too much about (hee hee)
I'm supposed to go up another 25 m.g. this Saturday and we'll see how that goes. So far no migraines. I am praying this is the med that works for me.
I am telling you those migraines were soooo debilitating I couldn't get out of bed.

Remember a while back that newswoman was on TV and people thought she was having a stroke because her speech was slurred? Well it turned out she suffers from hemiplegic migraines, a form of debilitating migraines that makes half of your body get paralyzed and it's really scary. Well, that's what I have too.
This coming weekend I have nothing but fun planned.
I want to go back to the science museum and use up my free Imax tickets and go to the planetarium with the kids.
They're predicting a cold front!
Hurray! Maybe we'll get down to the 90s!!!
Have a great week :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursdays {Trials and Sorrow}

We've all heard the phrase "Life's not fair!"
and it's usually coming from one of our kids
or maybe it's coming from our own mouths
But why ISN'T life fair?
Why didn't God make everything so that we didn't have
to suffer?
Why didn't he love us enough so that we'd have an easy life
 where we didn't have to work, or hurt, or cry?

These are the questions I USED to ask, before I knew God.

When I was about 21 years old I was a very angry
young woman.
I was so angry that I turned that wrath towards God.
Or rather the myth that I thought God was.
In my mind, since God allowed his children to suffer
meant that God did not exist.
God, and the Bible, for that matter, were made up.
Figments of man's imaginantion.
This made me feel better inside.
I was no longer a sheep following along
the "myth".
But something oddly peculiar happened to me once I had
a kid.

You see, I was convinced that I was NOT going to perpetuate this myth unto an unsuspecting child.
I WAS NOT going to force religion onto a child, MY child.
I was NOT going to have her believe in made up
Gods and floods and commandments.

Of course there are rules and laws of the land that we must
follow. We need those to live.
....we need those to live...
Then the kid started asking questions.
Like who made the moon.
And the birds.
Who made me?
Aggghhh... to heck with it!!
In a moment of desperation and rebellion all at the same time I shouted up at the Heavens "God if you are real show yourself to me!"" And HE did.
Not in the same way He did, to say Moses, but He did.
You get my drift.
And things started to change for me.
What does this have to do with the topic you ask?
Well right in the middle of all this soul searching, I suffered and experienced sorrow.
A lot.
Did the sorrow and trials end because I formed a strong bond with God whom I now refer to as Heavenly Father?
In fact they have gotten worse.
But I tell you what.
I now know what Joy is.
And  I now value LIFE more than ever.
And THAT is why He lets us suffer and go thru
To appreciate life.
And to identify JOY

Have a great weekend my friends :)

P.S. After hitting the publish post button, I realized that this seems like a rather simplistic way of looking at things. I assure you I am not putting aside the atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not in the least. It is because of Him that I now experience Joy. There. I had to clear that up. :)

We Have A Jafra Winner!!!

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

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August 23, 2011 7:32 PM

You are the winner!!
Please contact me with your mailing information so I can ship your prize out to you at salmar70atgmaildotcom!
And come back for next month's giveaway ;)

You can see the link >>> here where it shows
it picked comment #5

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super Saturday {I Can't Believe He's Not 8)

Yep. He's nearing the double digits.
Today my baby celebrated his 9th birthday.
And boy did we CELEBRATE!
This boy loves the ARMY.
Ever since he was a baby, (wasn't that YESTERDAY?!)
he's always wanted to be a soldier.
Well today he can be.
His theme is the Army.
And Camo.
And guns.
Lots of guns.
And as you walked in our front door you were extended a hearty
and because partying is

one must strike a serious pose

Everything had to be decorated just so

and ready for the guests to check in :)
of course all soldiers need their helmets and canteens

and don't forget the

We also had to make our own

that consisted of hot dogs and chips
that our brave little soldiers could chow down in this

And a party is just no fun without boys and
They are so much fun I had to try my hand at them
of course we had to decorate the rest of the house to lend
to the ambience of the Army

and after all the soldiers had reported for duty
and were duly outfitted with their helmets it was off
to the back of the house to follow the signs that

which actually led them to a grand ole, wet, good time!
with slippin' and slidin', water grenades and water guns,
and running around after which we let them all in
and said "let them eat cake!"

A super good time was had by all especially my little soldier.
As for this mama, well this mama was dead tired. So tired that she took a long, three hour nap in one of the barracks.
But it was all worth it because the brave little soldier had fun.
And in the end that's all that matters, isn't it?

Free printables for the bottle/drink wraps and the loot bag toppers are up in the Free Printables page up at the top.
and here >>Loot Bag Toppers
Drink Bottle Wrappers
Please refer to my free printables page up top for instructions on how to print these.
Army Helmets were from Celebrate Express
Table Covers Party City
Canteen Party City
Green Gumballs Party City
Toy Soldiers Dollar Tree
Celebrate Banner-Made by Patty with Cricut Expression (available for purchase, please contact me)
Cake by Kroger
Dog Tags Oriental Trading


Linking up to:
Sunday Showcase

Foodie Fridays {Muddy Apples}

I've lost count of which Foodie Friday this is
All I know is that I've got a
and that my sweet baby boy is turning 9 today!
((SNIFF, SNIFF)) He's no longer a baby..
So for his birthday party I am preparing him some yummy treats!

these are oh-so-simple-to make and are my
variation to candy apples.
And since my little guy's theme tomorrow will be
all about the army, well this just fits right in.
First you're going to need some apples,
popsicle sticks, chocolate for melting, food coloring, wax paper, ribbon and cello paper (these last two only if you're going to give these away)
First let me tell you that I love getting the type of meltable candy that comes in a tray and you microwave it.
It's oh so easy to clean up.
And who doesn't love easy?
I simply took one tray and colored the white chocolate green. I wanted the muddy apples to have "grass stains"
Then I just melted the dark chocolate and smothered it all around the apple. I stuck the apple into some styrofoam to let it dry then followed by smothering it into the green chocolate. Make it look as messy as you can. Remember they are to resemble mud!
And that's it!
The "soldiers" loved them!
And wouldn't these be cool gifts for some real soldiers coming home? How about finding out when they are arriving and greeting them at the airport with baskets full of these?
Easy, inexpensive and yummy?
But remember it's all in the


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