Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting some culture

Awesome works of art at the DMA: This was my favorite>>>>> Jackson Pollock -what can I say, I like to be unconventional :) Last weekend Sergio and I decided to take the Dart rail down to the Dallas Museum of Art. The kids were very excited especially since they are all artists! I know, we're real geeks. We are all into art- either performing arts and interior design (dance-me), painting and commerical art (Sergio), Fine art (Aaron and Josh), painting, commercial art, music and photography (Ellison). So, anyway, we get on the DART and Aaron is all excited he wants to sit by the window. We get down to the DMA and they tell us they are closing in an hour! Agghh, so we see as much as we can (the guy gave us a discount on the admission YAY) and then we head outside in the sweltering heat to walk around the Dallas Arts District. It was fun anyway. Next week Josh is going to the Kimball Art Museum in Ft. Worth with his art class. He is doing very well in his art class. I w


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