Friday, November 22, 2019

Finding Your Place in this World

Hello friends! Today I am going to share a story that involves my son. With his permission I will share what he has been through in the public school system and how home schooling and finding his place in the world has changed his life.  My son, Aaron, is an actor. Ever since he was a child, he loved entertaining others. I sent my son off to kindergarten an excited and happy boy, but slowly I started to notice a difference in his attitude.  He would come home saying to me that he was "stupid" or "slow". He related to me how he was often doing his work at recess while the other kids played. This, of course, broke my heart. After meeting with his teacher, and year after year, the same thing would happen, his father and decided to home school him. This was not an easy decision as I worked a demanding career outside the home. But we made it work. We slowly started to see a change in our son. He was reading and enjoying learning again. I was getting my son back! 
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Patricia Salazar Photography

Black Friday Deals - Family Photography I am super excited to share my Black Friday deal with you today! As many of you know, I have been a professional photographer since 2011. I recently started a rebranding with my new name.  My former business name was Patricia Martinez Photography.  Here's what I have to share with you: One hour photo session with 15 beautifully edited images with print rights for only $100. That's right. Only $100. This incredible deal is also giftable. So feel free to purchase as gifts and a pretty, gift certificate will be made for you to give.  Message me or call/text me to book your session. My page on Facebook:  Patricia Salazar Photography on FB To view my portfolio you can click  Here Whether you are looking for engagement photos, family shots, some photos of your kids or even a maternity session or head shots, you can count on years of professional training and experience right here in the North Dalla
Monday, August 19, 2019

Summer Fashion On the Cheap!

Hey sweet peeps! Summer has come and almost gone but around these parts, there are still lots of days full of heat! Can we say inferno! lol, we do live in Texas phew! I am here to share with you some cute and fun fashions that I've put together over the summer.  The sources are listed on the bottom of the post and also on my Instagram account.  I love pairing some cute shorts with dressy and not so dressy tops to create fun outfits for a girl's night out or date night. I also, love to have my makeup look natural and fresh. It's especially important when you are over 40! Less is more I say!  So here is what I have to share with you: sources: Makeup Eyeshadow Eyebrow Gel Foundation Contour Blush Lip Gloss-Natural  Lip Stain Clothing: Black 3/4 sleeve blouse bumble bee print shorts chain belt (similar to this) kitten heel pumps polka dot blouse-local boutique jean studded mini skirt (similar to this)
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Acting Camp is Here-Dallas Young Actors Studio

First three days of camp for Aaron and he's having a blast! He's going to be in two short films and then the big TV show taped before a live audience on Friday. How fun!  Here are some behind the scenes footage of his scene.  Don't forget to check out his instagram by clicking on his pic on the top right of the blog and also follow his acting school @dallasyas on IG Have a great week everyone! xoxo  Patty New Headshots Aaron Martinez Actor Age: 16 Resume
Saturday, May 18, 2019

Summer Acting Camps 2019 Continued

I can't believe we have only two more weeks left of school.  Summer is quickly approaching and the question that most parents have is: what are we going to do with the kids?  Many kids go off to summer camp. I know my son did back when he was 1o. We quickly learned he is NOT an outdoor kid! Ever since he was 4 years old, Aaron knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Do you have a child like this? Constantly putting on "a show" for friends and family?  If you do, then you will want to consider Dallas Young Actors Studio! It's a fun place to be. Kids as young as 5 train to be professional actors and go on to get hired in Hollywood. Check out the success stories on the website at We have been so impressed during the last three years that Aaron has been training here at Dallas YAS.  But the best part is that these young people learn not only to act in front of the camera  but behind the camera too. Dallas
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Film Making Right Here in Dallas - Teen and Kids Acting Camps

One of the great things about Dallas is the variety of activities that are available for our kids to do. For years, my son, Aaron and I searched for a great place for him to learn acting.  You have heard me rave about the Dallas Young Actors Studio in Dallas. Here, they train children from as young as 7 up to 17 and even adults!  So many success stories have come out of here. You can read all about those at the DYAS website The Summer Acting Camps are almost full and one of the best things about these camps is that the kids get to participate in every aspect of film making/TV taping. From the actors to the film production crew, this place offers young people the opportunity to learn and grow and use their imagination! They can go on to successful careers in Hollywood making films, whether in a film crew, lighting, sound mixing-even make up!   Check out the video for some behind the scenes footage of these camps!  And here are some s
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stylish Looks for Spring- Wood Watches

JORD watches* sponsored post Unique Timepieces for a lifetime It’s spring! We have some beautiful weather here in the Dallas area and we are so thankful for it! I’ll be posting some cute Spring outfits in the next coming days. And with cute outfits comes the need to accessorize. I love accessories. They are crucial in putting an outfit together. I like bracelets, earrings, a cute hat and even a simple piece like a watch. The nice people at JORD watches sent me a beautiful watch to wear and share with you guys! I’ll be posting some shots on my IG with me wearing it :) I picked the beautiful style called Cora Polaris. Three years of imagination & painstaking design have led to a new, classy, more beautiful alteration of the celebrated Cora Collection. Hand-seated Swarovski crystals encircle the vibrant 34mm dial to depict the stars of the Little Dipper. Polaris shines brightly in the northern sky, to guide you through each hour of the day. And beautifully polished metals
Saturday, May 4, 2019

Dallas Acting and Film Making School

School is almost out! Can you believe that?  Before you know it there won't be the morning rush we are all experiencing right now. Just the mellow pace of summer. Ahhh....can you feel it? :) I love waking up without an alarm clock and just taking it easy on certain days when I can work from home. As a working, single, mom I treasure these last few days I have with my baby...even if he will be 17 soon!  One thing we are both looking forward to is his summer acting camp. This year he will be doing two weeks instead of one. These are actual TV pilots shot on a soundstage in Dallas. You've heard me talk up the acting school before but I'm here to share that there is a film making division too. That's right. Right here in Dallas. If you're son or daughter is interested in becoming a professional camera man, being part of a film production crew in Hollywood or anywhere else, this is the place to send them! I am impressed with the level of professionalism these kids
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Countdown to Summer Camp and TV Pilot - Hollywood

Happy Easter everyone!  It's been a super busy week with work, school and other activities.  Aaron is busy prepping for several scripts they are learning at Dallas Young Actors Studio. He's excited to be in the TV Pilot this summer. The Rising Stars Summer Camp over at his acting school  is an awesome opportunity for any aspiring actor to get the professional training needed for their break into Hollywood. So many young actors have been successfully signed from the Dallas YAS school, it's unreal!  You can check out the website above to read all about those success stories.  But it's not all luck! There's hard work and training involved in becoming a professional TV/film actor. Think SNL on a local level. At Dallas YAS, students get that professional training from someone who is actually in the business of ..well...showbiz!  You can read more about the school's founder here in this article at  Voyage Dallas We wil


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