Saturday, March 16, 2019

Following Your Dreams -Summer Activities

My son Aaron is an aspiring actor. He has always wanted to act. As a child, he was constantly telling me he wanted to get his "face out there" and that "he was running out of time". He was 4 years old. I did not know where to take him to get his face out there as he requested. One day we googled kids acting schools dallas. Several websites came up but one in particular caught my eye. It was a story on a local TV channel about Dallas acting schools. The acting school is Dallas Young Actors Studio. This school is run by Linda Seto who has extensive experience in TV and production. Several kids have been discovered at her school and are actively working in Hollywood. If you want to learn more about the school you can go here.
So we went into Dallas and had Aaron audition to be placed in one of the classes. That was in 2017. He has loved every minute spent there! I have seen him grow and his self confidence increase like you wouldn't believe. He has acted in two short films and a TV/cable pilot. You can see clips in the links below:
We have to admit we still have a lot of learning to do! Myself, learning all about showbiz and how things work in the world of Hollywood and Aaron how to perfect his craft. 
I support him in his dream and hope to one day manage his career at his request. In the meantime, we both enjoy our weekly treks into Dallas and the acting studio. 
right now he is very excited to be acting in two TV pilots they will be shooting this summer as a part of DYAS' summer camps. So if you have an aspiring actor in your family, or if you are one yourself (there is an acting coach for adults too!)
do yourself a favor and contact Dallas Young Actors Studio and set up an audition and tour. 
It just may change your life :)
You can follow Aaron and his career here on this blog and on his instagram account at

you can follow DYAS on IG too
@DallasYAS and facebook

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dallas Acting Summer Camps 2019

Dallas Acting Summer Camps

Ahh the hot days of summer. All of us are waiting for them aren't we? When the kids are home from school for summer vacay. Wait? No. We need to keep these kids busy! Isn't that what we are all thinking for the summer? I've always been a great believer in supporting our children to explore new things. One of those things can be acting! 
I haven't been blogging for a while because life! 
But one thing's for sure, we have been busy. My son Aaron is an actor. He has been training at the prestigious Dallas Young Actors Studio in Dallas. And I tell you the growth he has experienced is tremendous. This is no regular acting school. It's real world training in a real studio with a sound stage and real professionals. This is NOT theater. 
If you want your child to train to be a real actor for TV and/or film THIS is the place to be. 
Dallas Young Actors Studio offers coaching and training to be a professional actor. 
And their summer camps are amazing! 

Aspiring actors get to train for one entire week just like they would if they were on a real sitcom-because they are! Students get to learn script reading, improvisation, direction and so much more! All in Dallas! It's a week of intense training that is sure to change their lives. At the end of the week, actors will star in an original made for TV sitcom that is taped before a studio audience that the parents are invited to see. The taping will then be provided to you and your actor via a link that you can download and share with friends, family and best of all add to their resume. 
Contact Dallas Young Actors Studio today to sign up for summer camps because they fill out fast! Kids travel to Dallas from all over the country to attend these one-of-a kind camps. 
You can sign up via their web page or by calling the school directly 
And in the meantime follow Dallas Young Actors Studio via facebook 

and Instagram 

You can check out my son's work at his IG 

 Summer Camp production Welcome to Willowbrook Way

You can also see what the acting students are up to via the youtube channel:

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments below! 
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