Friday, August 28, 2009

We're going back, back, back to school again!

I love that song from the movie Grease 2! And we were in full swing on Monday for the first day of school. Josh woke up super early since he goes in earlier than the rest of the clan. He was ready to go with his breakfast made and everything. I tell you, that kid is just on top of things. Aaron woke up and headed downstairs and requested eggs for breakfast. Ellison was still showering since she goes into school last. Sergio got to drop off Aaron for his first day of school. He got a great teacher for 2nd grade, Ms. Bass. Eating breakfast So at 7:15 a.m. off we went. First stop, Josh's middle school. Already the line was enormous. We made a note to come drop off earlier to avoid the lines! Then I was dropped off at work and Sergio took Aaron to school. Ellison rides the bus to school. I can't believe she is now a Senior! Pretty Where has the time gone?? After school everyone reported a great first day. The second day of school Aaron got his eyes checked. He has
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting older, wiser and feeling like a kid again!

Yesterday was my birthday. First Sergio surprised me by waking me up with this huge bouquet of flowers and a beautiful card that basically says how much he is in love with me. It brought tears to my eyes. Then we went to Fiesta to buy the meat and stuff for the party that night. As we were walking in we spotted, up on top of the shelves, some PIÑATAS. Well a certain character from my childhood in Mexico was up there..El Chavo del 8. Sergio remember how much I had wanted to have a themed party after this show that I grew up with so he promptly went over to those shelves and grabbed me a PIÑATA so I could break at my party!! How thoughtful. He also remembered that I have been wanting a new watch so he got me two for my birthday. Nothing fancy just with big numbers and digital face that shows the time and date scrolling thru it. How cool is that!! But the best part of my birthday was spending time with family and friends. I didn't want a party, orginally, but Sergio convinced me t
Friday, August 21, 2009

Splashin' Party Fun

Wednesday was Aaron's 7th birthday. We decided to have it at the Aviator park not far from our house. It has a splash pad and nice park playground equipment. It was the perfect evening. Breezy and fun! The kids had a great time and a couple of the moms helped me with the serving,etc. That was such a big help, because with this liver disease I am constantly exhausted! God heard my prayer and sent these two angels to help! Thanks Jana and Lanette! Waiting for cake! Happiness is eating PIZZA!! After the food and fun, Aaron opened his presents and clowned around with his pals Aaron making his "sad monkey" face Summer plus birthday = fun
Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy days of summer and my liver

We are counting down the days until school starts and in the meantime enjoying the lazy days of summer as it comes to an end. We have been swimming, fishing, spending some quality time as a family and today we went to fly some kites. There was enough wind to get them up but not as high as we would have wanted. Josh loaned his kite to Aaron since Aaron's wasn't working very well. The other night we were over at the little park in our neighborhood and noticed two kids fishing. One boy caught two fish in the span of 30 mins!! I took a pic of him. We went the following day but caught nothing. This kid caught a fish in the neighborhood lake the other night Me trying my hand at the kite flying Josh was the best at it Aaron got the hang of it pretty quick too And just Thursday I got the call from my doctor about the ultrasound and labwork-my liver. Just as I suspected. I have a liver disease where my liver gets extremely inflammed. This is why my belly has been getting bigger and
Friday, August 7, 2009

Playing with my new toy and saying no to being toothless!

For the past few weeks I have been playing with my new toy! The Cricut Expression! I have been wanting one of these die cutting machines for a very long time. Finally my wish came true and Sergio bought me one as an early birthday present. Happy Birthday to me! The first thing I did was make some cute cards for a couple of people I visit teach. Then I made a Happy Birthday banner that we can use over and over. In this case, I will use it for Aaron's birthday party in a couple of weeks. I am planning on making his invitations with it too. I totally love it! You can cut vinyl too and I am planning on making some vinyl phrases to put on the walls and also to etch on some glass plates. Nothing like having some fun with a new toy, huh? Next update: I went to my gastroenterologist on Monday because I've been feeling kinda blah lately and I have been putting on some weight really, really fast. Which is totally unlike me. So I suspect it's my liver acting up again. He gave me a new


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