Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laundry Room Part Deux :)

A few months ago I showed you guys my laundry room makeover. Basically, what I wanted to accomplish was to make it a nice soothing place to do my laundry and organize a few things.
Because as we all know doing laundry has to rank right up there with having your wisdom teeth pulled out!! It completely sucks!! BIG TIME! Sooo in light of this revelation I decided to finish up the 2nd part of this project by adding some more storage to the room.
The hubster, being the Super Duper Handy Guy that he is, built me some pretty shelves to go over my folding table. Now, I am the first to say that we are VERY lucky to have such a nice sized laundry room with a sink EVEN!! (say it like Snagglepuss LOL)
With that said I had bought some really nice iron/metal scrolled shelf supports/brackets at my local antiques shop. I knew I would use them eventually and that was like 2 - 3 years ago. So now is finally Eventually!
We painted them white to match the soon to be made shelves.
I wanted to create shelving on top of the long folding table that is currenty in there. My whole point of this project is that you can transform a BLAH space into something pretty and useful for very little $$.
The folding table is one I've had for years and I use it when we do craft shows. I didn't have a place to store it so I've been putting it in the laundry room for the longest time.
I wanted to cover up the junk I had under there and while looking thru my stash of stuff I found a drop cloth! HELLOOOO!! I simply threw the dropcloth on the table as a tablecloth. I just pinned here and there to make it look neat.
Now I have storage under the table :D BIG IMPROVEMENT HUH?
                                                          BEFORE :-O
                                                       AFTER :-)

Now let's see how it all came together. IN PICTURES...

Painted Bracket

 If you'd like to see the first half of this makeover you can see here.
                                             Vintage-y look Laundry Room
Now I can wash and fold all in the same room. I wonder if I can fit an ironing board and TV in here....hmmmm.

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  1. like what you did. my laundry is also my craft room. and its small [messy]. my sink is a galvanized wash tub [$13.00]. but its soooo much nicer to go into a room that is clean , organized and pretty ;)

  2. This looks great! What wonderful ideas!

  3. So organized and pretty!! I'm jealous...I wish I had more room in my laundry 'nook'.

  4. Great Space~ thanks for linking up. The laundry sorter that you had commented on {in my post} was purchased online - let me know if they have them in stores as well.

  5. Great work finishing the space! Looks great!!

  6. So cute!! I'm so glad you linked up the 2nd half of this to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. Love the shelves! Great idea on how to take care of the dog crate and supplies too!

  7. Looks so cute! And I love seeing your Scentsy warmer in your pics :)


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