Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I am so happy and thankful for my wonderful family. Especially my grandmother who is here visiting from Laredo. My grandmother raised me and taught me some valuable things, such as: Be a hard worker-do a great job no matter what the job is- from pet store poop cleaner to CFO of a rural town! Be honest and treat others with respect Be clean-maintain a clean home, it doesn't matter if your floors are dirt floors (they used to be) or made of the finest imported italian tiles, keep your house clean! Be pretty-this one has always granma told me, always look pretty for your husband, he is out working all day with pretty women who are all "dolled up"at work and the last thing he wants is to come home to a wife with no make up on and sweats! I always remember this bit of advice and I NEVER EVER wear sweats! I want my husband to come home to a pretty wife (so far it's worked, we just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary..and they said it wouldn't last (I was
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Only four more working days!!

YESS!! Next Wednesday is my last day working at my current job. I am SO looking forward to being my own boss again. I haven't had time to actually get excited about this new venture in my life because all week I have been battling this awful crud that is going around. It has caused my skin to break out something awful especially around my nose,and so, needless to say I am not a pretty sight!! I got my doctor to finally call me in some pretty strong antibiotics so hopefully I can feel better for Thanksgiving and the family photo shoot we have scheduled for the following Saturday. On a happier note, my grandmother is visiting me and we always enjoy her coming over. We love her so much. I will be going to "market" this Saturday to purchase some merchandise that I will have on hand for my holiday open house on the 5th and 6th. We always have so much fun with these and I love meeting other ladies who are at home crafters and home based businesses. Well, I guess I better go o
Friday, November 14, 2008


Last Friday Aaron's T ball team met up at Peter Piper Pizza for trophies. He was so excited to get there. It was our first time there and his second season at TBall. He played the advanced Tball this time and he really seems to like it. He's even pretty good, and coming from artsy-fartsy, geeky (me) parents like us, this is a BIG deal!! He will play again in the spring and he is getting good at it so he will most likely not need the T anymore. We are proud of him. We especially love to see his silly faces. This kid's a character.
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Historic Night!

Tonight my family and I stayed up to witness a historic event! We are overjoyed that Barack Obama is our next president!! I had predicted his win many months ago. I have always seen in him a freshness and innovation that has been lacking in the current political climate. As a government employee, I am intimately aware of how politics works. And I am very excited to have a brand new voice for the people. Hurray!! I explained to my children how this is a time in history that they shall never forget!! We had a little election party here at home with my sister and her family. I shall never forget this night :)


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