Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Total Gym!

Well I have been wanting one of these babies for EVER!! But I was not about to dish out $975 for a new one online! So I found one on craigslist for $75!! We picked it up today and we have already started to use it.It's got a whole bunch of accessories.
It is SWEET!
I could feel the fat burning off.
I really needed to buy a new exercise gadget so I could get excited about using it otherwise I won't work out!
So hopefully in 4 weeks I will look like Christie Brinkley or Chuck Norris!
Here's Aaron demonstrating it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My father's anniversary

(My dad is the one on the left, sitting)
For the past few nights I have been having some very vivid dreams about my father. He passed away 4 years ago, suddenly of a heart attack. And even though he and I weren't real close, (my parents divorced when I was 4) these dreams are quite emotional for me. So much so that I wake up sobbing because I miss him. In my dreams, he comes to me and hugs me then he says goodbye, but in my dream, I feel like a little girl who wants to spend some more time with her daddy. He says goodbye and I start bawling like a kid. I get up with my eyes all crusty from the tears and sniffling..wondering what the ????
I hadn't realized that on Feb. 5th will mark the 4th anniversary of his death. In our church we believe in baptisms for the dead. I have done some genealogy for my dad and when Josh turns 12 this October he has volunteered to be "baptized" for his grandpa. My dad wasn't the most religious person nor was he what you can call a "great dad or a great example" but he's the only dad I ever had. He was extremely intelligent (he was an attorney) and very good looking if I may say so myself (I look a lot like him ;) hee hee
I understand that Heavenly Father gave me my parents for a reason. I understand that because they did not have the gospel in their lives, they weren't the greatest parents. But they did teach me some good lessons (ie.not to be like them). And my grandma did give birth to my dad (so thanks grandma :D ). So here I am, saying good-bye over and over to my father in my dreams and feeling his love for me...even after his death. Funny how things turn out...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Out of work and outta my mind!

Ok, so it has been .....hmmmm...about 2 months since I stopped working at a "real" job. The first month was all about relaxing and enjoying the holidays (yeah right, more like cleaning non-stop) and spending time with my grandma. So then in January I told myself I would be really busy.....(crickets chirping) but it ain't happening. I thought I would enjoy working from home, but right now I am really bored. My day mostly consists of marketing my business to small cities and counties in Texas. I have to get my foot in the door first. Sergio tells me not to give up. I just started. I also do bookkeeping and am thinking of going for my masters in accounting. But that takes money, lots of it. So, for now, I will keep on plugging my company. I guess I did enjoy the "rat race" after all.
So, I decided to get back into my decorating business as a side thing. I was very successful as a designer for Home Interiors back in 2000. So I heard they got bought out by another company Home and Garden Party so I rejoined thru them. I already had some past customers calling me wanting candles, and wanting catalogs, so on and so forth. So I took it as a
Lately there's been lots of signs. The bad part is, Sergio's business is slowing TREMENDOUSLY and I am NOT scared.
But you see, being not scared, scares me!! I don't know what to think. I guess I'll go to the temple next week with Sergio. He's gonna have to go with me! I told him so!
So I find myself bored and with this crappy cold I am trying to shake. I can't wait for tomorrow so I can go out shopping with the boys. They need new tennis shoes. Now if you know me, you know I hardly EVER utter these words because I hate shopping!
Oh, also, I am now and official CASA (Guardian Ad Litem) for collin county. I will get my first case soon, very soon. How sad, the judge told us last night that there are currently 300 active cases on the docket with only 170 CASAs. Yikes! In collin county, every child that goes through CPS, gets assigned a CASA. It's not this way in every county though. Well, after the swearing in ceremony, we all got treated to dinner at Rockfish. It was yummy and what an honor to be surrounded with all these selfless people. I really enjoyed learning with them.
So, I know that this boredom will subside as soon as I get busy then I'll be complaining about me being too busy.
At least I have a great husband who does so much for me and believes in me. I couldn't have made it without him.
He brought me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed for the past few days since I was sick. But he does this even when I am NOT sick. He's sick now too :( but out working until the wee hours of the morn'.
Well, I don't have any spiffy pics to post this time. Just my thoughts. I really want to buy one of those Cricut machines...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So today I completed my very first day of training as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) or guadian ad litem. In two weeks I will be sworn in by the judge here in Collin County and be the official legal voice of an abused or neglected child. I will basically be the only constant in a child's life while he/she/they go through the foster care system/CPS. Ever since I was a college student and volunteering at a battered woman's shelter I have wanted to volunteer with CASA. But since it seemed time consuming and I had work, an infant and full time school I could never commit myself to it. Until now. I feel this is the right time in my life to do this. I feel that if I can just make a difference in one child's life that it will be worth it. The training today was...a LOT...that's all I can say about it. I know that the Lord will give me the strength to complete this task that he has set out for me to do. I only pray that I will be a good advocate for the child they assign me.
I'll blog more about it later.
To find out more about CASA go to

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a nice relaxing and quiet New Year's eve thanks to a crappy cold I caught. But on New Year's Day I felt a lot better. Sergio and I decided to take the kids for a drive since it was so pretty out. We ended up in Las Colinas at Williams Square. I used to work there a looooong time ago during my marketing days. Sooo I remembered how pretty it was and we decided to go down there after lunch and take some pictures. After taking a nice stroll down the canal, we drove and drove until we ended up at White Rock Lake in Dallas. It is soo pretty there. Took some more pics and people watched. We fantasized that we live in one of those AMAZING homes overlooking the lake then headed to Panera in good ole' McKinney for desert and hot chocolate. It was a great day :) Nothing like spending the day with your family dreaming :D


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