Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Saturdays {Sharkarosa Ranch}

I've heard good things about this place, so several weeks ago when a Groupon deal landed in my inbox I jumped at it.
I bought the deal and off we went to the Sharkarosa Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas.
We were really excited but bummed out that the hubster couldn't go with us :(
So it was just me and the two boys.
We stopped by at our favorite Mexican place, Ernesto's in Pilot Point for brunch then drove down the road to see the animals.

As soon as we walked in I was smitten with her.
I took out the camera and began snapping away.
She noticed me and started galloping towards me.
It seemed as if she was posing for me.
I love her!
Just look at that face!

{My little guy's feet}

We also got to ride in a tram and get up close to the animals such as some gorgeous horses, camels and an assortment of other creatures!

My little guy was so happy to be so close to all these cool animals!

This pot bellied pig was so cute but the animals in this corral, we couldn't pet.
Then we went over the camel area! YEA!
We could pet those!
All the camels were girls except for one called Thirsty. He was the only "painted camel". One of the few in the world and he also had blue eyes. He was a charmer :)

All in all a great time was had by all.
I highly recommend this ranch.
They announced that they are building a new black bear exhibit and we can't wait to go back.
It's low cost and close to home.
It beats having the kids stay inside bored or playing video games.
Next stop the State Fair of Texas!!!
Have a great week Y'all :)

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