Friday, November 4, 2011

Kid's Homework Space-Room Redo

Happy Friday everyone! This is a project  that has been long overdue! My little guy's homework space!

When we first moved into this house, his room, which he shared with my older son was covered in hideous wallpaper. We removed that and painted it a celery green color. Well after my older son moved into his own room I decided the little guy needed a room revamp and so this project was born :)
Here is a before pic:

My little guy is always doing his homework downstairs in our dining room, but he is easily distracted, as most nine year old boys are, so I decided to make him his very own space to do his homework.

I started by painting his room in a calming blue-gray color, courtesy of the folks over at Dutch Boy paint. This shade is called Surfin USA-how fun is that?

I then sketched out how I wanted his space to look on a piece of paper. It always helps me to jot down ideas as they happen so I won’t forget later on. I have a notebook in which I keep all my ideas and sketches. I noted down possible color schemes that could go with this paint color along with items that I already owned and accessories I had on hand. I always try to incorporate all these things when I redo a room or redecorate.

I had a vintage child’s desk that I had bought last Spring on Craigslist for $10. I spray painted that red so I knew I was going to have reds in the room. I left the top intact because I love how it has all those nicks and scratches. Who knows what little guy got into trouble while sitting at this desk?
 Anyway since I know my little guy is into old planes I knew I was going to have that in his space as well. He loves to check out books and videos (on WWII planes!!) from the library but often forgets the due dates (YIKES) so I had to incorporate that in as well. I had also gone junkin’ the previous weekend and scored a really cool vintage wooden ammo box. I knew I wanted to use that.

So after taking all that into consideration this is what I ended up with:

He has his journal and pen in his basket along with his favorite flashlight and a nice quiet area to read and do his homework during the week. The ammo box holds his books but the baskets under the chalkboard hold library books and videos with the due dates clearly written above. This way he remembers when we need to return them! Goodbye late fees! ((fingers crossed))
I then took some painters dropcloth, made some pillow covers and stenciled them with craft paint. The little baskets are from the Dollar Tree and the labels are simply black vinyl, scallop punched and tied with twine. I wrote on them with erasable chalk pen so I can simply wipe them clean and re-label if need be. The curtains I had before, I simply tied them back with some rope I already had.

The little lamp is from Target ($10) and the F-L-Y letters are from Hobby Lobby spray painted metallic silver and nailed to the wall. The shelf is a piece of pine stained and fastened to the wall with iron brackets I had on hand and the art is made by my little guy. I am on the lookout for a cute little chair for him to sit on and I can’t wait to show you the completed room complete with a propeller my hubster made for him :)

This was a fun project that my sweetie is already enjoying. I have some more work to do on his dresser and the rest of his room. You’ll have to come back to see how that is coming along.

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    Wow! I am very impressed (and a little envious) of the creativity and pictures of the design for your sons room! I always wished that I was creative enough to do stuff like this! Looking forward to reading and seeing what you created! Great Job!!!


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