Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Home Organization Binder

I find that just about this time of the year, I get an itch to organize everything. Call it Spring cleaning, I just know that I start to get antsy being cooped up most of the time in the house with many things in disarray. For the longest time I 've been telling myself that I am going to come up with a better system of organizing our g roce r y pur c hases, kid's activit ies, etc. Now, I have a home organization board tha t we N EVE R use. I figured I better come up with a new sy stem for our family. Cue in the H ome Organizatio n Binder I know you've seen these before. Some o f them are offered free, some are sold. I looked around and I just couldn't find something that fit with my family. Either I didn't like the colors, the fonts, or the pages used. So I deci ded to make my own. I really li ke scrolls and f lourishes so I created this entire binder with the same pretty border (except the cover pag e, which I felt needed a litt le extra oo
Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Giveaway Winners!

A big howdy to y'all my sweet pee ps on this gorgeous Sunday evening here in the Big D :) The days have been absolutely crazy here all week. One day it's cold and windy the next is pure suns hine. And that's what I wa nt to spread to each of you t onight. I have the 6 cou nt them 6 winners of my Swe eth eart of a Giveaway for February.  The prizes are fabulous and I am ever so tha nk fu l for your ent ries.  Here ar e the six prizes and the winners: 1. Fif i O'Neill's Romantic Pra irie St yle Home. This gorgeous book will soon be on its way to entry # 14 Rach el. Ple ase contact me to give me your shipping address. 2 .  Macy's $25 gift card goes to entry #5 at 3. Thirty-One Ruffled Wristlet goes to entry #19 Nat alie Parvis 4. Handmade Buckl e by Salvage Junky goes to entry #41 by Cathy Henatyszen 5. The gorgeous hand made bun ting by Rusty Pearls goes to entry #31 Kelly Commerford 6. Vintage Charm R estored'


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