Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super Saturdays {McKinney Nightlife}

Who knew?
After a rather humdrum, ordinary
Saturday of sleeping in and cleaning
then being pleasantly surprised (again) by my
mother showing up with my fave chicken mole
dinner we stayed in and watched a movie.
We dropped her off later that evening and
 on our way back
we passed thru our beloved downtown.
We decided to stop and take in some of the
somewhat cooler weather
that has been sorely missing and I snapped a few pics
of the McKinney nightlife

This side of the square is empty with the shops that line the street
glowingly lit and pretty.
I like to peek inside the windows of the boutiques
and look at all the nice displays
like all these gorgeous crosses!

They even have an art gallery
How beautiful are these flowers?

And who could resist soaking in this tub?

                                                 I love these trunks!!

Even the entrances are gorgeous!

And I don't know about you but I'd rather go when there are no crowds. It was so nice to just take our time and linger. It was nice to peek and take our pics and walk hand in hand and cross the street where I dittled and dattled and took some more photos of one of my favorite buildings

 This courthouse is one of the oldest in the country and is listed as being built in 1876. Now it serves as the Performing Arts Center. This is where my daughter will hold her first art exhibit this Saturday. 

Smith Drug Co. was one of McKinney's oldest drug stores. I remember going there to buy sodas and my meds when I was expecting my youngest baby. I was on a first name basis I went so often. I was sad when they closed it down :(
Sergio and I  went around to the other side of the square when we heard some music. And lo and behold we discovered a nice little rock n' roll club!

And let me tell ya it was jumpin!
With Rock n' Roll music, live bands, people outside mingling and laughing,
taking horse and buggy rides!
We didn't even know there was  a night life in McKinney! We made a note to come back and check it out.
So if you're ever in this part of Texas. Come on over!
Especially now that's it's getting cool :)

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  1. What a gorgeous town. I love your pictures so very much. Very beautiful!


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