Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winding Down And Playing Hard

Can you believe we are at the END of March?!
Time sure is flying by fast.
And I tell ya, here in Texas it's heating up SUPER fast.
Too fast for my taste :/
I like my Spring nice and cool and crisp.
Not this year I'm afraid.
But the good thing is that my little guy is all signed up to go to Camp Huawni!
He is SO excited that he'll be able to go outside and play all day long with no worries of getting run over by cars!
Ahhh, such is life in the suburbs.

If you are looking for a great place to send your child
Camp Huawni is IT!

Check out these videos for more information:

Have a great weekend!
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 This post is sponsored by Camp Huawni

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break Wrap Up and a TUTU Giveaway

Well hey, hey everyone!
It's Friday and many of you are winding down your Spring Break.
It's back to the grind, y'all.
Our Spring Break was last week and I got to take two days off work to do some fun things with my boys.
I love to go downtown and "discover" new shops I'd never been to before as well as visit my favorite antiques shop.
And let me tell you, I was smitten with SO many things, both old and new.
But in particular, I had to take my boys into this cool new shop that sells all things STAR WARS!

Order 66 Toys

 208 E. Virginia St., McKinney, TX

That's right!
They were in heaven.
The shop owners were SO nice and sweet and took time to 
show my boys around their shop.
They have mostly vintage toys but some newish ones too.


Next we were really hungry so we went into a new place {to us.}

They have the yummiest pizzas!
I had one called the Lone Star and it has a delicious chipotle sauce, beef brisket, jalapenos and other good stuff.
It was awesome!

We also went to this cool toy and candy shop:

I love these purses!

I must get some. I know I don't have any little girls, but I could use them as props ;)

And to wrap it all up on Friday we went here:

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Ft. Worth.
It's where they print the money y'all!!
So informative and fun.


Now, getting back to the important things.
Mainly girly things :)
Because, after all, I am mostly surrounded by guys, since my little girl is now 20!
 **copyright Patricia Martinez Photography
I miss tutus and pink frilly things and I can't wait to have a granddaughter (sometime in the future)
 In the meantime, shooting them for photos will have to do:

*copyright Patricia Martinez Photography
{headband, flower clip and tutu by}
Aren't they adorable?
Anywho, the moms always ask me:
Where did you get these cute tutus?

{photos courtesy of Melany's Boutique website}

 {flower clip on headband}

Well lemme tell ya-I found myself a gem people.
Her name is Melany and she makes THE most adorable tutus, hair bows and headbands along with SO many other cute things.
aaaannnd guess what?
YOU can now have a chance to win your own set of 
2 headbands 
1 coordinating bow
and 1 tutu
How fun is that?!!
Melany is so gracious for offering this wonderful prize to my readers. 
Ready to enter?
Here's how:
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Good luck!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursdays {Believing}

There came a time in my life where I got to the realization that believing in God wasn't sufficient for me.
I had to get to know HIM more.

Isn't it this way with everyone that we claim we love?
From our parents to our children to good friends, we have to get to know them in order to have a relationship with them. 

As I grow older, I also work towards growing my relationship with my Father in Heaven.
You see I rarely call Him God anymore.
I have gotten to know Him and therefore I refer to Him as Father.
In all my daily prayers, I speak to  him. And while I know He knows me, I have yet to know Him.
The wholeness of Him.
The goodness of Him.
And the patience and forgiveness.
The pure love He has for us.
Yes, it's been quite a journey for me. 
Getting to know Him.
It was both painful and joyful.
As I accepted His son as my Savior 8 years ago, alone, in my living room. 
I cried as every mean thought and deed I owned ran through my head and coursed like hot lava through my veins.
It was a cleansing effect.
And afterwards, spent, I felt light.

Now there's a word for you.
When you feel light, you no longer feel heavy.
When you feel the light, you are no longer searching around in the darkness.
Yes, that seems like long ago for me.
And I am happy and thankful for the opportunity to lighten my load.
And put it upon Him.
I have yet a long road ahead of me, as most of us do.
Through past heartaches and joy, I have survived.
As you have as well.
It is indeed a blessing. 
A light on our countenance as we get to know Him on a more personal level and we know that He is more than God.
He is our Father.
And for that knowledge, I am so thankful.

How do you feel towards Him?
I'd love to read your thoughts and stories.


*images are mine

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring into Spring {Simple Spring Mantle}

Today is officially Spring!
No matter that we have been swamped (literally) with rain.
Don't worry about the flash flood warnings!
Spring showers will bring flowers :)
Anywho, since it's that sunny and warm time of the year, I decided to spruce up my mantle some.
But first I have to show you this really cool
rocker/chair I got at the ORLY last month!!

 I was thinking I was going to recover it but my daughter said she loves the color just as it is.
I don't know yet what I am going to do but right now I am loving the splash of color it gives to this part of my room. Now on to the actual details of the my mantle.
As you can see it is fairly simple.
I took the framed chalkboard I made here
and added a French sentiment.
I then added some silk flowers, white candlesticks sitting on a book with a home made printed cover.
On the other side, I added a cute little tin vase filled with faux greenery and a vintage milk bottle.
On the hearth, a small wooden shutter leans against the fireplace and next to the burnt orange chair is a metal market bucket filled with white flowers that spill over the top.
I love the way it looks as the light hits it when the sun is setting outside :)
It makes me happy to see it every time I enter the room.

 Of course our sweet Molly had to be in the picture :)
She kept wandering in and out of shots. I often have to fight her to let me get on this chair as she often thinks she's human and loves to climb up on comfy chairs :)

 Happy Tuesday everyone!


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