Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Girl

Since the last time we took pics, my girl was busy working, I decided to take some pics of her today. I asked her if she'd like her boyfriend to join us and I'd take some of them together, and what do you think she said? Of course!! So off we went, right after church, when there was still light out. It was perfectly overcast and quite deserted at our photo shoot locales. Now, mind you, I am NOT a professional photographer, I do NOT own a fancy high $$ camera and I do NOT know how to Photoshop anything!! What you see is what you get. I have an inexpensive Kodak point and shoot digital, a $20 tripod and a Kodak Gallery account where I tweak things here and there (and by tweak, I mean, I can make it look black and white, sepia, or crop). BUT, I am ordering a book on learning how to use Photoshop Elements, soooo pretty soon I'll be able to make myself look 10 years younger!! {I HOPE}. I am posting just the pics I took, because pretty soon, my daughter wanted her try at taking

I Want To Make A Memory {Fall Family Photos}

Last week I decided to take some new pictures of the guys. Since Aaron's baptism is coming up next week, I wanted to take some new pics of him. He is growing and changing SO fast :( So I took them around town to take some pics, but then the darned batteries went dead in my camera UGGGHH So the next day, as soon as church let out we headed to a special place I found out in the country :) I LOVE THIS SETTING for pics! So here's a few shots of my boys (and some of me taken by Sergio) Aaron acting silly                                         This guy is so funny and loves to put on a show :) Unfortunately my daughter was working both days and could not be in the pics. But tomorrow if the day is good, we have scheduled a little photo shoot with her and her boyfriend. We'll see how that goes. I love taking lots of pictures of my family. Everyday is going to be a memory to treasure tomorrow and I take advantage of each fleeting moment; from the most mundane th
Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Nice to Get Away :)

This past week was a fun one. It was our annual government finance conference and this year it was in GALVESTON! YAY! I always love to go and learn something new and keep updated in my profession but it's even nicer when I get to go learn at a very cool place! Especially if a beach is involved ;) And even though it's not exactly summer {thank goodness for that} I was excited nonetheless to be going to a BEACH! I usually go alone but since this time it was nearby and Sergio could take a few days off, I took him along :D How nice to get away from the stress of daily life. We are so blessed to have sooo many people support us when we decide to go away. My mom came by and stayed with the boys while we were away. They enjoy having a fun grandma around too :) On the drive there we stopped at a rest area. Little did we know that this place was gorgeous! Lots of pine trees and water and it was just plain beautiful. Who knew a rest area would be so pretty? This rest stop is off I
Friday, November 19, 2010

{Eye} Am Feeling Generous!

Being that the Christmas Season is just around the corner ~literally! I am feeling quite generous, and since I haven't had a giveaway this month I decided today is the day to have one! Start, that is! Soooo hang on to your hats, I am giving away a JAFRA premier eye product. This product is completely amazing. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, making them younger-looking in just 4 weeks. It has special ingredients like Vitamins C & E, Enzyme technology to improve skin elasticity and so much more. This product can only be bought thru a Jafra consultant and retails for $24. Isn't that a great price? Now what better price to pay than ZERO if you win. As a special bonus I am throwing in a Jafra face mirror  so you can see your beautiful eyes after using this product for a few weeks you'll REALLY see a difference. Here's how to enter to win this: 1 entry-Make a comment on this post about your favorite Jafra prod


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