Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pantry Organization

UPDATED 9/22/2011 Original post appeared in March 2011
We go to Sam's Club about once a month. We buy our usual staples and since there are 5 of us it's convenient and worth the trip. So we get home from the store and we start to put away things and I quickly realize that our pantry needs to be organized REALLY, REALLY bad; and I was in the organization mood, so what are you gonna do?
Three hours later and the pantry is organized. I still need to get a few more Tupperware containers to put in more things but I won't get my order in 'till next week. Something to look forward to :)
It's amazing to see how the lack of organization gives way to wasted food and money because things go bad and you forget you already have cornstarch and get more! >:/
So I cleaned out all the food that was expired, gave some away and consolidated lots and lots of containers. I had made some vinyl labels previously so they were handy.
The black vinyl labels are very easy to make. I simply get my vinyl (that I purchased from Expressions Vinyl you can find the link on the side bar button) and punch it with my scalloped punch that I bought {here}.
I then used my White Chalk Ink marker to write whatever I needed to. I like this method because I can easily erase it later and relabel it. I also used my labeling machine for other containers when I ran out of vinyl. The labeling machine I use is this one:

Dymo Label Maker
It is economical and very easy to use. So easy in fact, that the little guy has taken a liking to it and has begun labeling his boxes to store legos, wood blocks and other necessities that a little boy has.
I remembered I had some wooden tags that I bought a looooong time ago for a fundraiser and that I had been saving for just the right time. Well the time is now.
I used the tags to put them on each shelf so maybe this way my kids can remember what goes where.
I bought a big, beautiful basket at one of my favorite stores, Home Goods, last week and was wondering where I would put it to good use. I decided to put my bread in it.
I think it serves its purpose. Pretty and functional. I think I'll go back and get another one, maybe smaller to put all my paper plates, party ware, etc.

I decided to put all the drinks on the door rack because they are easier to find. This way we can move them into the fridge to replenish them when needed.

So there you have it. A three hour project just because I went to Sam's. And such is life-unexpected and unorganized until of course you run out of options ;)

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  1. Your pantry looks amazing! I love the vinyl labels and chalk pen-such a great idea.

    Your sons room is really cool too. I can't beleive he did that painting in the 4th grade-it really looks professional. I also love your humor and honesty. Your posts always make me smile!

  2. I'm a new follower and I love your blog. Great job in the pantry!

  3. I love the pantry organization!!1
    I came over from TipJunkie.

    I'm curious about Tupperware. Maybe you can answer for me.
    I'm looking for a container to put some saltines and Ritz crackers in. I bought some in bulk and would like to have a few sleeves of each in a single container for my cupboard.

    I don't have a pantry and have an older home with VERY LITTLE kitchen storage.

    I haven't found any type of rubbermaid that would work. Any ideas?

  4. Oops. Not TipJunkie, fullofgreatideas.blogspot.

    Also another question, where do you get your chalk marker?

  5. This looks great! As a fellow buy-in-bulk shopper I definitely realize how crazy it can get when putting away all that stuff! I love the wire rack on the back of your pantry door--great place for those little things that would otherwise get lost in the closet.

  6. Is that Watkins Cinnamon I spy on your spice rack?

    Your pantry looks great! I put everything in containers - we get mice sometimes (they come in because it is so wet outside), so containers work great to keep the food safe.


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