Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Over 40 and Fashionable!

You know what they say.... 40 is the new 30 ! Am I right? Well grandmas are the new hot mamas!!  I have started posting my daily outfits, or #ootd on Instagram. I am a firm believer that we can look great without spending a lot of $$$.  Join me on Instagram  with my handle or click on this link    Follow me there and  don't miss out on some upcoming giveaways to my favorite stores like: Target, Kohls and JCPenney :) My outfits are age appropriate and are great to wear to work. I feature outfits that you can build on with just a few basic pieces and then add accessories to change it up! Here are some examples: Get all the details of where to buy these items on my IG feed. I'm even trying out a new skin care regimen using Olay Pro products. These are products I buy myself. So the results are real results. I'm on day 20 of using them and I can already see a difference in


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