Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun Photos

I've always loved taking pictures
Ever since I was a little girl
you could always find me with a camera.
I always begged my mother and grandfather
for a new camera for my birthday or any
Lately I've been indulging more and more
in my hobby (obsession).
Here's a few pics I've been working on.
I took these years ago but I thought I'd share them again.

These were all taken in Laredo a couple of years ago by me in Sergio's dad's garage. It actually used to be his grandad's garage. I love to play with the light and shadows in all the shots.
The shot of the plane is an actual toy my husband carved out of wood when he was a little boy.
How fun to go through that garage and find such treasures!
My sons can now see what their dad created as a little boy.
It's fun for me now, to go back and play around with these photos.
I plan to print these out and have them framed for my children to enjoy later on in life.
I'll have more later.

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