Sunday, September 26, 2010

Patty's Favorite { Etsy }Things

You know how Oprah has her "favorite things" show? Well I thought I'd post about my favorite things! And this post will feature my favorite things from Etsy!
If you don't know what Etsy is, then don't blame me for getting you hooked on them.
Etsy is a place where people sell their handcrafted or vintage goods. And oh...what goods they are!
This post will feature some of my favorite things for Halloween! (Can you believe we're on the cusp of OCTOBER?!)
So away we go:
First is this really cute idea for a Halloween party. It is featured at Hostess with the Mostess
This is from the TomKat Studio Etsy shop found here I bought this file prior to Sept. 22nd and got it for only $6.50!! I am going to decorate my mantle with the banner included in the file.
Then I went in and saw this totally cute idea for a Halloween Candy buffett!
you can buy the file here.

I just bought it for $10 and will be copying this idea for Josh's upcoming b-day :)
Hostess with the Mostess blog is a rockin' cool blog. Check it out to see all the great ideas they have for birthday parties. By looking at all the cool girlie girl parties, it makes me really, really want to have a little girl again :( But I guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren.
Anyway, here's another cool Etsy shop I found on my own:
(hee hee even the name of the shop is cute)
I really like these cool labels:

And these bags are so clever

They have other really cool tags, labels, goodie bags that I REALLY wish I had a little girl to throw an Alice in Wonderland bash and feature goodie bags like these

These are beautiful! Small glassine favor bags, perfect for an Alice In Wonderland 
themed wedding :) 

And a little Halloween bling never hurt anyone

You can find this little necklace here at the Sylvia Anderson

I love Halloween! And I love to decorate and of course indulge in all the goodies that Halloween brings!
What are your favorite things?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Thing I Love Most About Blogging...

-Is going back and reading about past blog posts. I love to sit here and look at my kids' birthday parties pics, our adventures together and seeing their (sometimes) smiling faces when I ask to take their picture.
I love seeing how their faces change from year to year, especially Aaron{since he's my baby}.

I know I'll treasure all these memories when I am older and our house is no longer filled with the sounds of little kids playing Nerf Darts in my living room. Or the sounds of laughter coming from tween boys in the middle of a "slumber" party; or the squeals of glee when I announce to the boys that I am making them chocolate shakes for family night and yes, we can have a picnic in the living room and watch movies all night. And the nights we get to go trick or treating and of coming home and watching nieces and nephews, friends and my kids swapping their sugar loot.

{josh receives the principal award 4th grade}

                                                         { State Fair}
{Car Show me and Aaron}

{with her new guitar}

{horsin' around}
                                                      { sisterly love}

                                                      {fun with cousins}
                                                      {josh 6 aaron 1 ellison 12}
I love looking at pics of myself when I was younger and could run around with my kids without feeling winded and constantly reaching for my inhaler. I love the times I taught the kids how to ride their bikes without training wheels, of skating parties with giggling girls, of laser tag parties with sweaty boys....
yes sometimes the hustle and bustle of life takes it's toll and crankiness and frustration set in. But most of the time, I go to bed with a smile on my face...and I remember...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Fall Decor Ideas

Well I'm on a roll. I decided to decorate my kitchen island. I just changed the runner I had on there previously and put some green apples into my glass container, tied a ribbon on top and added a jeweled candle ring to the base.


Then I took some fall leaves and put them into my basket stand, added my favorite cookbooks, and unhooked some candle rings and I just twisted them around the stand for some added color.
Ta da!! Instant Fall decor in my kitchen.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Decorating

Awww the crisp cool Autumn not here yet :(
But I love all the colors of Fall. I sit awestruck at the turning of the leaves from bright green to orange, red and gold. I love to see the trees getting bare and ready for wintertime.
I love getting in the mood of this, my favorite season, by adding a bit of Fall decor. A little bit at a time.
This year I decided to re-decorate my chandelier with some twigs and leaves.
The twigs are real. They are from my willow tree. Any skinny branch will do. You just take them and insert them here and there between your chandy. Then I add some faux leaves that I have pierced with some floral wire and hang in a random manner around the chandy on the twigs. I also added some little pumpkins.

On the table I put up my Home Interiors metal lantern that has seen better days. I decided to bring it in from my front porch only to discover that it had a lot of rust. So I took the glass inserts out and spray painted it gold with Rustoleum hammered gold.
I then added a small tealight inside a glass cup.

I took a small glass candleholder and turned it upside down and placed my lantern on top.This was done to add a bit of height. If you have small children, you may want to add gorilla glue to the base of the lantern to secure it to the glass. Or you can use a battery powered candle or tea light.

(Lantern - spray painted and glass inserts removed)
I then put my scarecrow into my wooden bowl thingie and voila! Table centerpiece.

(the candlelit display)
By taking a few things from around your house (even your backyard) you can create the look of fall.
I even added the twigs to my front door display.

Now all I need are some caramel apples. : D

This post is featured in the Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

{TA DA}!!! Chair Unveiling

The day has finally come! After months and months of putting off delays I finally finished my antique chair! YAY!!! I had to enlist a little help from the hubster {because we know he can fix anything} Please keep in mind that this man is a professional as opposed to me a total and complete amateur. I started off with my chair that looked like this:
Then I didn't know whether to paint it black, white, soft green, re-stain it..I just didn't know what to do. Then I got really lazy busy and it just got stuck in the back burner.
Theeeennnn I didn't know if I wanted to sand it, since sanding is a major pain in the rear, and my hubby was too busy WORKING to do it himself, errr, help, so I looked around blog world and found that I didn't have to sand YAY!!!
So I bought some spray primer and went to work on it. I had to wait for a good day when it wasn't 150 degrees!! So between letting my patio table dry, because of course I have to do several projects at once, once the mood strikes me! I got to work on primering this chair.
First I made sure to remove any dirt that had accumulated on it with a damp cloth.
Then I took it outside put it on a tarp and started spraying. I gave it a good couple of coats. After I let it dry, I started testing it out by spraying the actual paint. Theeennn I noticed I was almost out of paint because I had used that can to paint something else!! GAHHH!!!
Sooo off we went to Home Depot where my husband is VERY well known, and much to my desmay they don't carry the Krylon brand of paint. They had Rustoleum so I bought it thinking, well the cap looks to be the same color NOTE TO EVERYONE STICK WITH THE SAME BRAND!!! I came home and spray painted an area and not only did it turn the side of the chair ORANGE, it made it speckled looking. NOOOOOO!!! So now I HAD to sand it. I was almost in tears. Well thank goodness my tears were noticed by my better half and he said he'd help me (I swear this man will get a halo and wings when he gets to heaven for putting up with me)
So while I was at work this week he sanded it for me, fixed the seat (some thing about loose springs) and then painted it for me! He even took pics for my blog!! :) See, halo and wings y'all.
So here's the blow by blow courtesy of me and my much better half!

Here she is all painted and ready to have the touch of gold to the upper back.
What Sergio did was spray a bit of Rustoleum gold onto a piece of wood, then dip his brush slightly in it and use a "dry brush" technique to brush it on to this area. The material is not wood on the upper back but more like a "wicker type".
I wanted to add a bit of oomph to an otherwise boring white chair. And wait till you see the gorgeous fabric we found!

Then he got to work on the cushion itself. I hadn't even noticed the rusted out metal thingies, but remember, this man is a professional handy man and woodworker so He noticed and fixed it.

Bad rusted out metal and loose strings.

He simply went to HD and bought some new metal thingies and replaced them along with some white rope to tie it together.
(see if it were me I would have left it alone shhhhh)

And here she is!!! Isn't it just gorg!!!
I love, love the fabric. I wanted something snazzy but with a velvety feel to it. This is perfect. The detail is velvety but is fresh at the same time AND coordinates with the golden touch on the chair! I love it! This is going in my bedroom where I will add some bedding that will coordinate with the chair. I can't wait to show you that room when I am done!
Here's the chair in my room!
Now the fabric was a little pricey ($12.50 yrd at Joann's) but we didn't even need the whole yard, so I have a little left over for something else, perhaps a small accent pillow ;)
Now I am REALLY relieved happy to have this one project finished {with a little help from my friend ;) }
Oh and not to brag or nothin' but here's that patio table I've been working on as well.
I just spray painted the whole set with Rustoleum Hammered Black. It used to be a really ugly brown. So I've got a "new patio set" and a "new chair". Total cost for chair
paint $8.80 (includes primer) {Krylon Ivory Satin }
fabric $12.50 (with some left over)
metal thingies $3.00 and rope the hubster had
Rustoleum gold I had left over from another project so free

Patio Set:
$45 for paint Rustoleum Hammered is not cheap, but is made for outdoors.

Patio set
It's been a good day :D
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Labor Day Weekend} White Rock Lake

The weather lately has been so nice and cool we decided to take the boys out to White Rock Lake in Dallas for some fun and exploring.

Aaron making a mental note to bring his fishing rod next time :)
The water looked so cool and inviting! There are no motorized boats allowed on this lake. And I made a promise to be like this guy next time

We loved looking at the beautiful plant life and turtles bobbing in and out of the water

There was lots of shade and we thought that next time we'll bring blankets and have a picnic
White Rock Lake was initially created as a water reservoir for the city of Dallas when back in the day they were running out of a water supply. They created a dam and a spillway.

When Sergio and I first got married we used to frequent this lake and take a hiking trail.
They have really improved the hiking area and we decided to take the boys to see where mom and dad used to hike as young 'uns :)

But first we made a quick stop to look at the spill way and a cool looking crane that was just hangin' out

Aaron wanted to climb the fence to get to him
The trail
Looking over the top of the spillway. The views are gorgeous! And just on the other side of the lake is the Dallas Arboretum.
Back when we used to hike this trail it was unfenced and unpaved. I can see how the city was concerned with people getting too close to the currents. When we used to frequent White Rock Trail, we could get in very close to the water. We could also go through the "jungle" of trees and hike in there, but that is inaccessible now. Even so, we had a good time hiking around the lake and sharing with our boys the beauty and peace of nature. There are sooo many things to do at White Rock and next time we want to do some kayaking!! Hopefully I won't drown...


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