Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home School Classroom Update and a Surprise

Boy am I glad it's finally put together. I still have some finishing touches on the walls to add, such as decor, but all in all, it's usable now!
I will take pictures in the morning and post tomorrow.
The little guy and I are having so much fun learning in here.
In the meantime I wanted to share a short story I wrote several years ago. I find it is my duty to let my children and their children know where I came from and how far we've come as a family so I have written snippets of my life in short story form. Some of the names have been changed for privacy purposes. These are my memories of my childhood. 
They belong to no one else but me. 
Memories of Me
A Collection of Short Stories
By Patricia Martinez

   My cousin was wearing the necklace again. It seemed that whenever she wore it, it was when I was the hungriest. Or maybe it was the other way around.  All I knew was that the small, bite-size, Oreo cookie necklace looked yummy. I wanted to yank it off her neck and dunk it into a cool, glass of milk, then stuff it in my mouth, savoring its creamy, chocolaty, goodness. “That will never happen,” I thought to myself. First of all, our food stamps had already run out. It was the middle of the month and that meant we had very few things to eat. We certainly didn’t have cold milk. We had no milk. Well, I lied, we did have milk-dry, powdered milk, that my brother and I hated. You know the kind the government welfare gives to the poor? That kind. It was watered down and grainy. Certainly not the type to dunk your Oreos in.
   I hated that I couldn’t just go down the street to the corner store and buy Oreos. And that is why Oreos were on my when-I-grow-up list. You know, the list we all make as kids. You come up with all kinds of wishes and promise yourself you are going to do things different than your parents. Oh, yes, my list wasn’t long. But it was specific.
   My little brother and I used to sit up on the tall, mesquite, tree and look at cars passing by below. We’d point to our favorites; “Now that’s the kind of car I’m gonna have when I grow up, a Mazda RX-7.” My brother would take his turn. Then me. Back and forth we went. “When I grow up, you know what? I’m gonna live in a big house with a real living room set and there’s going to be a Mom and a Dad and lots of food to eat. I’ll be able to go to the store and get Oreos,” I mused.  “Me too,” my brother agreed.

   I stand in the middle of the snack aisle. I look up and down the shelves not quite sure of what I’m craving today. “Hmmm..maybe I’ll take the Chips Ahoy!” I mutter to no one in particular. Then I see a red sign-Oreos two for $5. What a deal! I get them and put them into my basket. 

   I drive up to my house, park the car in the garage and walk inside. I set the Oreos on the kitchen counter. The kids have been home for a couple of hours already. They sit on the table doing homework, their father by their side. “What do you have there?” he asks. I hold up the package. Everyone screams with glee! “Break out the milk,” I suggest. We always seem to have milk. My husband makes sure of that. He grabs a glass for me and I set the opened package in the middle of the table. Smiles all around. The kids begin to tell me about their day as I dunk a chocolatey Oreo in my tall glass of milk. I smile as I remember. I no longer crave the necklace.
COPYRIGHT 2013 a.Patricia Martinez


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everyday Struggles

I know I haven't been blogging as often or as much as I'd like to. Sometimes life gets in the way.
For the past month I've been quite ill. It's either been my asthma getting really bad (darned allergies), the flu (yep was one of the lucky first ones in my town) and then a really bad hemiplegic migraine attack.
If you don't know what a hemiplegic migraine is (HM) here's a link to learn more about it :

"Hemiplegic migraine is referred to as a “migraine variant”. The word hemiplegic simply means paralysis on one side of the body. A person with hemiplegic migraine will experience a temporary weakness on one side of their body as part of their migraine attack. This can involve the face, arm or leg and be accompanied by numbness, or pins and needles. The person may experience speech difficulties, vision problems or confusion. This can be a frightening experience for the individual as these symptoms are similar to those of a stroke. This weakness may last from one hour to several days, but usually it goes within 24 hours. The head pain associated with migraine typically follows the weakness, but the headache may precede it or be absent."

In my case, my entire body experiences extreme weakness and I am unable to speak at times.
It is very scary, to say the least.
I am a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason. And I don't feel my illness is a form of disability or punishment or woe is me type of thing.
It is a blessing.
How is it a blessing you ask?
My sons are learning to serve. 
To serve and love unconditionally.
They are learning this from their father. 
Who dotes on me like a princess.
Yes, indeed, it is a blessing.
Some lucky girls will be marrying two wonderful, loving, caring and thoughtful young men in the future. 

And in between eating my meals in bed, I would pull up my son's lessons on my iPad and prepare his homeschool lesson plans for the next day. And then the next.
I had these "spells" before, but I haven't had one that has lasted this long. And in the end, I get a huge, throbbing migraine that signals that the HM is about to end.
I am back now. Typing, working, photographing, working, living.
Doing laundry, driving my son to his seminary class. Being me again.



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