Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treasure Spotters {Fresh Junk Finds} and the Dallas Farmers Market

Well a couple of weeks ago, we were at it again. We went down to see what all new (old) things we could find at Treasure Spotters here in McKinney. We didn't have much time, since we were also headed downtown to the Dallas Farmers Market (one of my favorite places) so we stopped by this really cool spot. Check out all the wonderful junk this gal has: Her booth's name is Salvage Junky and you can find her on facebook here>> Facebook Page I especially love this pink, chippy door! It was only $75!!! If I only had a little girl to put this in her room. {Sigh} Check out these very cool rocker and chair set. I really, really want them!!! She has some awesome patio chairs too! Every month their inventory changes so you'll want to keep checking in. You never know what treasure you will score :0 After this stop we decided to go downtown to the Dallas Farmers Market. We hadn't been there in a

Pondering a Summer Camp {Camp Huawni}

I've been asking a lot of people about their experiences at summer camp. I never went to a summer camp as a child but always wished I could have gone. My main concern in sending my little guy to camp is him being homesick. We've been looking into sending him to an awesome camp called Camp Huawni. (It is located in beautiful part of East Texas.) Camp Huawni Info Although after talking it over with my mom, she clued me into something I hadn't thought about. She said "Are you sure it's not YOU who will be homesick for HIM?" Hmmmm..in other words, are my feelings of overprotection being projected onto him (he seems a little apprehensive in going away to camp)? I had to think long and hard about this. I feel that since he's the youngest, my baby, and that my older son will be gone as well, I may be afraid of being lonely without the two of them. I've never been away from them for more than a week's time and even then i
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun and EZ Valentine's Day Treat Bag-Bear Hugs

Happy Thursday!  It's almost the weekend again! Hurray :) This past weekend was beautiful here in the Dallas area and we took full advantage of it by being mostly outside. I cannot believe it is almost February ((YIKES)) and with that fabulous month of love and friendship comes many CRAFTS! Yay I have my mojo back! I've been thinking of what to do for my little guy's Valentine's this year. Last year he and I dipped some Chinese fortune cookies in chocolate and sprinkles, put them in mini-take out boxes and he took them into his classmates. So C-U-T-E and fun to make :) This year I thought I'd make it even easier so both he and I can make them together. These are "Bear Hugs" treat bags. Here's what you'll need: Chocolate Teddy Grahams (cookies) Cinnamon or Chocolaty Chip Teddy Grahams (cookies) Bags of gummy bears ziploc sandwich bags cardstock stapler First you go to my link and download the free p
Monday, January 23, 2012

What I've Been Up To

First off did you know that Google friend connect is going away? If you didn't then I'd suggest you start following this blog on my facebook page and subscribe to this blog via email so you don't miss out on any posts. I'm kinda in a panic mode because I follow A LOT of blogs and it's fun going to my reader page and perusing all of them and choosing the ones I want to read now and the ones I'd like to read later. I will have to be doing a lot of email subscribing pretty darn soon, I tell you what! So anywho, I've been real busy with this photography business that my craftin' has taken kinda a back burner. I am not happy about that. I have SO many projects that I have in mid air and many more that I need to complete before Valentine's Day. I still need to finish off my son's bedroom that I started last year Part 1 Here Part 2 Part 3 I also have to finish off my little guy's room  Seen Here and continue with the never endin


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