Thursday, December 1, 2016

Useful Things (Grown Up Coloring Book)

Have you all seen all the adult (why do I feel weird saying that out loud??) coloring books? We have a special day at my office where we get together during lunch and color. Yes, you read that right-we have coloring time!  It is so relaxing! It helps us refocus and feel refreshed and ready (well, maybe not THAT ready) to get back to work.  For the longest time, I've been wanting to buy one of these coloring books, but whenever I'd peek inside of one, I was kind of Meh... But when this book arrived, I immediately opened it and fell in love! First of all, I love coloring faces. I don't know what is more mesmerizing to me than looking at drawings of eyes. Here is the cover It is called Cosmic and Eternal Love by  Amrita Sen and let me tell you the art work is stunning! It comes with a music CD and the music is beautiful! I'm telling you you must get this combo. It officially comes out in January  You can get it here: Amrita Sen Coloring


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