Monday, August 20, 2012

CB2 Knockoff Mirror

For the longest time I've wanted to finish up my big guy's room. And for the longest time I've been trying to finish this little knockoff project-
A perspective mirror from CB2

                                                                24X25            $149
{They used several mirrors in this picture}

 Isn't it gorgeous?!
But at $149 per mirror, it was a little out of my price range.
So I schemed and sketched and thought about how I could get kinda sorta the same look for a LOT less.
The original mirror is mounted on hinges on black metal.
And although you probably can make it that way, I opted for a much simpler and easier (read: cheaper) way to do it.
Mine measures 16.5 x 12 and this was due to the 
limited amount of mirror sizes I found at Hobby Lobby.
I've been working on this project for over a year now so I think I spent about $15 on mirrors using their 40% off coupons each time I went.
Here's how to make one of your own:
Figure out how big you want your mirror to be.
Then find different sized mirrors at the local hobby store.
I then drew out the size on a newspaper and played around 
with the mirrors shapes and sizes to get an arrangement I liked.
 I marked the back of the mirrors with a sharpie and the number of the corresponding square where each went.
When I was satisfied with the whole thing I went out and measured the size onto a piece of plywood.
My hubby make a little frame around it to see how I would like it. And although, I like it fine, I think I am going to make a few more of these without the frame and hang them next to each other in my big guy's room! 

 {sorry about the crummy, fuzzy pic}
After painting the wood frame a metallic color, I then took 
industrial strength double sided tape to adhere each mirror in its place.
I was assured by my hubby that it would hold and it was the easiest thing for me to use.
Also, a word of caution, with mirrors you can't just use any adhesive, it has to be safe for mirrors or it will eat through the mirror coating on the back.
After I left them overnight to "cure", I cleaned them up and hung them up for pics!!
Here it is:

I love the way it reflects the light and the cool different perspectives it gives depending on where you're standing!
Again compare the CB2 version
 and mine
Pretty cool huh?
$149 or $15 ??? 
I can't wait to make some more without the frames and I'll be back to show you all how they look in my big guy's room.
If you want to see the first few stages of his room makeover you can click here

Until next time!!

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  1. Saw this on Knock-Off Decor. Beautiful job!

  2. Love the mirrors! And I love it that you choose bevel ones at that! They make it look more expensive. Great job!

  3. That's really lovely!! I saw it on Knock Off Decor, too! I've seen some of those beveled mirrors at Dollar Tree, too. Thanks for the idea! I'm decorating the stairway up to my son's room and this project would fit in nice! :-)

  4. I like yours more than the expensive one :-)


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