Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Job

Well I got the job I wanted. It is out in the country so the drive is gorgeous. I'll have to take some pics of all the horses out there. I can see baby calves and baby goats that were just born a couple of weeks ago right outside our building!! Well they're next door, but that's close enough! And there are lots and lots of horses and rolling pastures..and well, can you tell I am smitten with this place?? I really, really want to move out there now. But my kids don't want to leave their friends behind. Maybe I'll just buy some land out there just to have...and some day...

It has been a busy week. I started my new job last week and it has been hectic trying to get back into the groove of getting up early and getting the kids ready, pack lunches, etc. but I love it.

I love being busy. I love working and having my own money. I kinda didn't like to have to ask my husband for money to buy something. I felt like a little kid going to daddy LOL

Sergio is gearing up for this new reinvention of his business. He has had two bids he is bidding on and hopefully he'll get these jobs. They are pretty big jobs and we are praying...

He is so talented. This guy can turn an ugly house into something gorgeous!! He can install drywall, paint, fix dry rot, etc. He is just so talented. So I hope he gets these jobs.

Apart from all this we are planning on working on the backyard. It is very big and pretty but I really want to plant some flowerbeds and spend some more time outside. Sergio finally had some time and it has dried up some so he can mow the lawn and it looks great!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heavenly Father answers prayer

I didn't know, 5 years ago, that our Heavenly Father knew us by name and that we could have a personal relation with Him.

I know that now. He answers my prayers, very personal things, almost immediately sometimes and then other times, it takes a little longer, but HE always gives me what I ask for and I accept it. I turned my life over to Him 5 years ago. I do as HE wills, not as I will.

I did not know why He sent me to the last job, but He did. They were in dire need of financial help and I straightened out their finances. I specialize in government finance. I straighten out the very complex world of government accounting. It is unlike any other thing in the world. It is a world in and of itself. I left that job just after 2 years. My reasons were many, but I do not wish to be in a place where people are negative.

I did not really know what my plans were after I left. I took a stab at consulting, but that did not go as I wanted. So I prayed and prayed and waited. I took it to my Father in Heaven and laid out what I would really like in my next job then I left it up to him. Shortly thereafter I saw an ad for something that interested me. I applied and interviewed then waited. In the mean time I asked God if it was His will to give me this job, then so be it. If not, I would keep trying. In the meantime two other employers contacted me, impressed with my credentials, they wanted to meet me. But just as I was set up to meet them in a few days, I felt that the one I had just recently interviewed with would pick me. They are in some financial trouble and it will be my job to straighten every thing out. I am up for the task. Any thing that my Father wants of me, that is where I will go. With Him, nothing is impossible. In the Book of Mormon there is a scripture that I love it says: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them (1 Nephi 3:7).

I thank the Lord for filling me with the peace I need thru these unsettling times. And I am thankful for my family, the home I live in, the food I have to eat and a truck to get places. Nothing is fancy, but it's all I need :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aaron's a Day in the Country

Today Aaron sang in a play at school. Well, he wasn't very enthusiastic about it at first, since he had already done a dry run earlier in the day in front of the whole school. He was pretty tired, but he sang some of the songs. Afterwards, Sergio took us out for ice cream at Dairy Queen. Aaron was ecstatic and kept asking us "was I good?"

Of course he was...he's Aaron ;) We love you kid!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time Flies When You're Lovin' Some

How could this happen, how could this be
That you are now as tall as me?
How could this happen when just last night
I kissed your little cheeks and held you tight
How could this happen when just last week
You ran up to me and wrapped your legs and feet
around my leg and asked "Momma, did you bring me something?"
And you squealed with delight, knowing you were right
and in my purse, cheetos bag, Reeses bar and salted peanuts
you would find, a big smile across your face
that big smile that still lights up my day
And just yesterday you asked to ride your bike
up and down the street and next "Let's take a hike" and ask for a dog, always a dog, and me stalling, saying "Not 'till you're older"
And here I am today, handing you the keys to Dad's truck,
taking a nice Spring drive, laughing and listening to Billy Squier n the radio and me thinking how could this be
that you are now driving me
around town and soon you'll be gone
colleges calling, jobs to be found, papers to write
and one more time I just want to kiss you nite nite

This is a little poem I wrote the other day in ode to my darling little Ellie. She is the joy of our lives! I love the day I found out I was carrying my little one. It was on Valentine's Day 1991. So that is why Valentine's Day is very special..that and when I was 15 years old her dad told me he loved me at the High School Valentine's Day Dance.
I just can't believe she is all grown up.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Trash out!

Since the economy has tanked and the new home industry is almost non existent, my husband has had to reinvent himself yet again. As many of you know, or don't know, he had a commercial cleaning business. Mainly cleaning model homes and specs, but since most builders are going bankrupt, his business has taken a huge nosedive. So....he came up with something new...TRASH OUT services! What is this you may ask? Here's what his flyer says:
Do you have…
An Abandoned home
A Foreclosed home
Commercial Buildings
Properties in Collin County and surrounding areas
That have trash you need to get rid of in them?
If you are dealing with foreclosed or trashed properties
we want to offer you our services!
We will come in and…
• Clean up the Property!
• Take out the old furniture or garbage!
• Pressure Wash where needed!
• We have the capability to contract the professionals for Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Drywall, Carpentry and Landscape!
We have the Equipment to do the job right the first time!
We will get the property ready for Selling or Leasing.
Call for more information and Quote
Sergio Martinez
Owner, 214-385-1354

After about 3o mins. after posting on Craigslist he got a call!! So I am hopeful that he'll get many more!!

The Blessings of the Priesthood

So Saturday night I had this tremendous sinus headache (thanks cold weather :( ) So while I lay in bed writhing in pain, my little guy Aaron walks in and asks "What's wrong mama?" I let him know my head really hurts, and he hears me moaning in pain. Then he comes close to my head, says "I'll make it feel better, by praying" so he puts his little 6 year old hands on my head and gives me a blessing!! It brought tears to my eyes! He then tells me I will be much better b/c Jesus loves me!! What a guy! I tell you I am so blessed to have the Priesthood in my home. My husband holds the Priesthood in my church (he is one of many worthy men who hold it) and it is such a comfort knowing that Heavenly Father can work thru him to bless me and my family. I am also grateful my children can see this and know that one day they, too, will hold the Priesthood. My headache didn't go away until Sunday night but I appreciated the kind and gentle words coming out of such a pure vessel...my 6 year old son.


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