Saturday, November 28, 2009

No cooking for me!

This is our third time that we go out to eat as a family on Thanksgiving! What a treat! My sister and her family joined us this year. It's wonderful not to be cooking and cleaning up. A true treat! The Tanglewood Resort is on Lake Texoma and is quite beautiful. The drive up there is very nice. We had plenty to eat!! The day before we had decorated our two Christmas trees.

It was a very nice day. And aftewards we came home and I took a long nap. Ahhhh what a luxury!
We have so much to be thankful for. But most thankful for having a family and love and lots and lots of laughter!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Breast Cancer Survivor and the Carnival

Aaron having fun!


In the Fun House

Sergio trying to win a prize

I love the beautiful colors of the carnival

Aaron's palm tree

This past weekend we went down to south Texas to pick up my grandmother. She comes up north to her annual check up. We didn't want her traveling alone anymore so we decided to go pick her up. It's about a 7 hour drive but thankfully Sergio enjoys driving.

We decided to take Aaron with us this time since his presence has been requested quite frequently by the relatives :) All the way down there he kept looking out for the palm trees that line the highway and entrance into town. He asked why are there palm trees in Laredo? Because it's tropical. What's tropical mean? It means it's pretty close to the ocean and it's hot.

So all the while he kept looking for the palm trees to signify our proximity to Laredo. While we were driving in, Aaron spotted a ferris wheel and a little carnival. "Can we go there so I can ride it?" he asked. We will go tomorrow. And you can bet he didn't forget our promise!

So the next day was jam packed. We spent some time with Sergio's parents, went downtown, took Aaron to the carnival where he quickly ran to the ferris wheel, fun house, rollercoaster, etc. He really wanted to ride the Zipper and the Cliff Hanger but Sergio was not up to riding it with him. Aaron was severly disappointed as he is our resident daredevil.

But the main trip was to pick up grandma and also to celebrate her 79th birthday! We took her out to eat to the Olive Garden, one of her favorite restaurants. Upon arriving, she asked me if she had ever been there before. I said, of course she has, this is your favorite. She said "It is?I've never been here before, but it looks nice". OK....grandma.

Grandma trying some "free" wine :)

So inside we ate and then they sang her a nice birthday song complete with hat and salad tongs for making noise! I tell ya my grandma is one trooper! She is an inspiration to me. All the while she was sick with breast cancer she never complained or acted like we should feel sorry for her. And to top it off my dad died a few months after her mastectomy. It was a rough year for our family. Not only watching my dear grandma battle this horrible disease, but then watch how she suffered with even more pain than cancer upon losing her only son (my dad). Such is life.

She has taught me to be strong and Aaron has taught me to look out for the palm trees and enjoy life as if it's one big ferris wheel!! You never know what you're gonna see the next time around!


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