Thursday, January 23, 2014

MasterChef Junior Casting Call in Dallas Texas

We're going to be cooking on Saturday!
I am super excited to share that I have been invited 
to cover the MasterChef Junior casting call that will be held in Dallas. I can't wait to meet all the budding chefs.
My hubby and my daughter are both fantastic cooks and I wish this show would have been on when she was a little girl.
She would've totally rocked it!
If you haven't seen this show, you must make it a point
to watch with your family.
It will encourage your kids to cook their own meals.

The winner last season!
I'll be  back Saturday night to post some behind the scenes 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to 
enter my $25 Kohl's giveaway going on now.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{Inspire} Printable Quotes and Kohl's Giveaway

Two things: 1st are some free and fun printables
2nd I'm announcing my Kohl's Giveaway

So I'm feeling a bit creative tonight and with no
photo shoots to edit, I thought I'd make up some 
fun printables for you.
The neat thing about these, is that you can download them from me for free (for a limited time) then have them printed on a large print and have them framed. 
Or you can make a canvas out of them!
You simply download them as jpg files 
and upload to your favorite photo lab.
Or you can get a HUGE engineering print done
(in black and white only) done at a place like Staples :)

Another idea is to use them as cards.
Simply print them on 5X7 cardstock and give along with a gift :)


Please share the link with your friends but encourage them to come by here and leave me a comment and follow along. I'll be making some more of these soon :)

Here is the dropbox link 

Now for the giveaway!
I am hosting a $25 gift card giveaway from my favorite store:
I am providing this gift card myself as a Valentine's Day gift for one lucky reader.
Here's how it works:
You get one entry for each one of the following that you do. Make sure you come back and make a comment for each thing you do:
1.Follow this blog with GFC over on the side bar>>>
2. Follow me on facebook: HOW SWEET IT IS 
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See all the chances you have to win!!
This giveaway will end on February 14th at 10 p.m. CST
Open to US residents only
Winner will be chosen via
You must provide a valid email address with your comment to win. 
If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 7 days of the announcement, a new winner will be chosen.
This post is NOT sponsored by Kohl's.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Ideas and Free Printables

I've mentioned this before- I love Valentine's Day!
I know some people loathe it :( but for my hubby and me it was a magical night! We started dating seriously, dating, on that night maaaany years ago ;) 
Here are some ideas from years past as well as some cool free printables from some of my favorite blogs!

And my favorite free printables:

I hope these ideas spark some creativity and you'll share with us your neat creations.

Hasta Pronto!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Sugar Srub

Well what have we here?
We are on the cusp of Valentine's Day people. I can't believe it. 
I know I say this about every month, but it just seems the older I get the faster time 
Gosh, it was just Thanksgiving!
Anywho, I have been on a roller coaster with my health.
Thankfully I am now going vegan again AND am really 
getting into these essential oils.
I buy mine from
I'll put links up to the ones I used below in case
you don't have a local health food store.
I love, love the smell of peppermint.
It is said to bring about clarity to the mind.
And Lord knows I need some clarity.
So, here I present to you my very, easy, sugar scrub.
Tie a pretty tag around it with some ribbon and presto!
Valentine's Day gift.

You will need:
A bottle of Grapeseed oil 
A bottle of sweet almond oil (it's a more expensive so I use less)
essential oil such as peppermint or lavender
wide mouth jars

First pour 2 1/2 cups of the sugar into a mixing bowl. Make sure this is either a glass bowl or stainless bowl if you plan on using it again :)
Put in about 3/4 cup or the grapeseed oil and 1/4 cup of the almond oil into the sugar.
Stir. Now add about 15 drops of the peppermint oil and stir and mix well.
You should be able to smell it easily but not too strong. Gauge yourself by smell. If you need more, add a little more. It should be the consistency of moon sand. Not too runny and not too dry.

Now scoop it into the wide mouth jars, pack it in tightly, and add just a little bit of oil to the top and close it. 
It is very simple and now you know exactly what is in your
scrub. No artificial anything.

I keep one jar by my kitchen sink and one by my bathroom sink.
I use it everytime after I wash my hands. 
It keeps them soft and moist. 
I suffer from severe eczema on my fingers and this is the only
thing that keeps it at bay.

Tie a pretty ribbon around it and present it to the lucky gal :)
Maybe you :D


peppermint oil
 lavender oil
I bought the oils at Sprouts market


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