Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cute Washer Necklaces

Today was a very fun day. Besi de s the fact that the weather here in North Texas is gor g eous , this morning I ta u ght a crafting class at our church we call Super Saturday. If you are looking for a fun project for your church or YW group here it is:    { ho w to make washer necklaces} You'll need as sorted size s of metal washers (found in your local hardware store al ong with the lugn uts, scre ws, etc) 33 inches of assorted rib bons and t wi n e decoupage medium assorted printed scra p paper brushes embel lis hments glue dots s mall piece fine grit sand paper circle punche s or Cricut die cutter   F irst measure your washers inside and out to see what size of circle punch you'll need or what size to cut on your Cricut or die c utting machine.  Now take some dec oupage and brush it on the washer. Adhere your pretty paper :) Pres s to set and let it dry     Take your embel lishment and put a glu e dot on the bac

Happy Hallow' Ween!

It's finally beginning to feel like Fall around here-some days. But, hey, we'll take what we can get right? Several weeks ago I brought down all my Fall and Halloween decorations from the attic and intended to get my home all Fallified. Well you can guess what didn't happen. Nothing got decorated until last week. Yep, they sat on the dining room floor for several weeks. Finally one night I had it and just started putting little touches on my mantel and on my front porch here and there. Here's a few pics of my front porch: You can see my little black Christmas tree I bought at Garden Ridge earlier this year for $5!! I decided to put some orange lights I had on hand and reused my little white paper ghosts as ornaments. I put up a corn stalk again and used many of my fall decor while adding new pumpkins I buy at my favorite pumpkin patch. Now, I have to go because I am busy planning a very important event - our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Thursday, October 4, 2012

OCTOBER Giveaway Kohl's Gift Card

** CLOSED** Hello, hello, my sweet peeps :) I have been missing in action the last week or so but I am back. I attended my beautiful sister's wedding last weekend and let me tell ya it was a BLAST!! Nothing beats a good old fashioned Mexican wedding with a twist of modern. We had such a great time dancing and just plain  enjoying the special night with the new Mr. and Mrs. Here's a few pics I took of the wedding: It was a lovely day. To see more photos of the wedding visit my photography facebook page Wedding Photography on Facebook and now for some amazing news! We are getting a cold front here in the Dallas area! Hurray! Now I can actually go out and get some cute cool weather outfits. And one lucky reader will also be able to go shopping at Kohl's with their very own $25 gift card that I am giving away this month. Yippeee! Here's how to enter: 1. Follow this blog via gfc 2. Follow me on facebook  3. Follow me on Twi


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