Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Or Whatever

Well this week I didn’t post a Super Saturday because I didn’t have one.
My weekend kinda stunk.

On Friday morning I woke up so happy but on my way to work, as I was driving I started to feel a horrible pain on my side.

It got worse very quickly and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it in.

I finally did make it in and staggered into the building and begged my coworker to take me

to an urgent care center {I knew better than to go to the ER}.

They promptly checked me in, infused me with an IV full of narcotics (thank GOD for that!)

And ran a CT scan that showed a myriad of white specs on my right kidney: STONES.

And on my left kidney one lone spec of white.


Is my name Job?

You know like from the Bible?

Ok, I get that I get to face all these trials and sufferings, and maybe I am all beloved of the Lord and what-not, but GOD, can you please tell the devil to lay off me please? Just cut it out. Thanks.

Anywho- So after that I got discharged and sent home to pass them. I lay in a drugged out stupor most of the weekend to numb the pain whilst I passed said stones and battled the nausea that so often accompanies this malady.

Now I have to make an appointment with my Urologist so that he can run the stones through

some tests to see what they’re made of. Of course they’re probably caused by something that I love to imbibe in like my beloved Coca-Cola. Because that’s what’s usually the case, right? Right.

So hopefully I’ll pass all the darned stones and I won’t have to have them

blasted out like I had to have them several years ago. 

But that’s another story.
And it's a painful one.
Of course.

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