Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crate and Barrel Basket Knock Off

The Crate and Barrel catalog is one of my favorites. Right before I got a stroke, I was working on this knockoff . Large Wire Basket  $15.95 The liner is $6.95 plus shipping if you don't have a CB nearby it is close to $30!! Now if you want to have several of these it can quickly add up and become REALLY expensive. Let me show you how I made my own large wire basket using cookie cooling racks from the Dollar Tree!! First you need to buy 5 wire cooling racks. As I mentioned above, I got mine at the Dollar Tree. Since they come in packs of 2 I had one left over. Total cost for the 3 sets $3 :) Then I had some 26 gauge wire on hand and used that to "sew" them together. This is really a very simple, no brainer process. Simply wrap the sides of your future basket with the wire. As you add the rest of the sides make sure they are lining up at the top so that it doesn't come out crooked. I tied a piece of wire sort of loose on the top to hold it steady. Now you wil
Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer's Here! {Almost}

It seems like I've spent most of Spring cooped up inside either in the hospital or in my bedroom. A couple of nights ago I actually felt well enough to craft this cute bunting/banner. I know it's almost summer, but around here things are still blooming. Hence this little project I whipped up: I designed it on my Gypsy and cut it with my Cricut. But you don't have to own these machines to make it :) Here's what you'll need: Tie the Knot Cartridge-Cricut Scallop shape 10 inches-qty 5 Alphalicious Cartridge "Bloom" phrase 3 inches both in shadow and short stack features Potpourri Basket Tree shape -shadow 10 inches -qty 5 3 small lunch sacs Ribbon Twine embellishments hole punch glue gun scissors   The only color I had was blue cardstock so I went with it. You can actually draw a triangle out with a pencil and just use it as a stencil. Make it as big or small as you want. You can also use pinking shears to cut o
Monday, May 9, 2011

Really Cool Tutorial Coming Up

I am out of the hospital and on the mend. I will be back soon with some very cool tutorials (from the Dollar Tree) that I was working on before I had my stroke. Thanks be to the LORD that the doctors said I should have no long term effects from this episode. I was in the hospital 9 days and now I am home but talk and walk like a drunk! My brain functions seem fine to me, but my Neurologist confirmed that my brain swelling has not gone down enough for me to walk very well. Needless to say I can't drive or walk outside without assistance. Through all this my sweet husband has been by my side taking good care of me. He feeds me his delicious food every day and even took me out for a wheelchair ride the other day to the mall. What a treat!! If you'd like to learn more about this condition that they call stroke (it's actually a sub arachnoid hemorrage) you can go here or here


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