Sunday, August 21, 2022

Date Night-French Cooking Class

Date Night-French Cooking Class Happy weekend everyone! We were busy kicking off my birthday weekend! Woohoo!! And even though I am getting older, I like to go out and celebrate in style! My husband and I made a promise to go out every month and try out fun things together.  Last month, we went to a Murder Mystery Theatre Dinner. I'll tell  you guys about that at a later time.  Yesterday we went to a French cooking class in Dallas at Sur La Table.  The meal we prepared was ratatouille, a French torte and a raspberry souffle. As part of the class, you receive a 10% discount on any purchase.  You can bet I took advantage of that :) Anywho, both  my husband and I were impressed with the layout of the kitchen, the chef and the meal itself.  You can BYOB (we forgot :/) and you will work in a team of 4.  However, our table only had the two of us as the other pair cancelled at the last minute.  The chef explains everything step by step and underneath your table you have trays with all the


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