Monday, December 28, 2009

A Truly Wonderful Christmas

Our Church Missionaries eating with us Aaron helping to clean up after mixing cake batter! The tradition in our family is to open presents at midnight on Christmas eve, which is really Christmas day if you think about it. We invite friends and family over to have a tremendous feast of pozole, tamales, turkey and anything else we can think of to eat :) We had fun chatting with the Elders from our church, eating, dancing and just having a great time. We especially liked to watch the snow fall right outside our window while we were having dinner. It was nice to have my sister and her family here visiting from Ft. Hood and my mom and grandma visiting us from Laredo. My grandma is such a blessing to have around, especially since the children can have good memories of her being here for Christmas. She loves, loves , Christmas! She couldn't wait for us to open presents and every night she would walk over to the big Christmas tree in the dining area and stare at the twinkling lights. A
Friday, December 18, 2009

I tell ya it's fun to be 79!

My grandma, whom I call Viache (don't ask me why or what that means, I made it up when I was 9) has been here visiting us for about 1.5 months (yes I have a thing about time and numbers) and she just brightens up our days and nights with her silly anecdotes (I think WE are the only ones who think they're silly, she is totally being SERIOUS) but she tells the most hilarious stories. Here's a few gems (and I am totally NOT mocking her): We were talking about genealogy and our family tree, where we come from, the tribe her grandma belonged to in Mexico etc. Then out of nowhere she tells us her grandfather was an Arab! Wha....Hello, grandma your grandfather was French! Hence your "white skin"!! I just went along with her and told her "no wonder people think I'm Pakistani!" Another one....we were talking, or rather she was about her divorce from that good for nothing sob...(her words, my grandpa) and how she stopped working with her lawyer because one day
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling the Savior's Love thru children

This past weekend Sergio and I traveled east about 4 hours to visit my CASA child. And even though I have spoken to her many times on the phone and represented her in court several times, I did not know what she looked like. It's funny how we can form images of people when we speak on the phone and many times those images of what they look like are totally wrong. Such was the case with this child, whom I will call Mary. Mary has had a rough childhood. She was neglected, abused and found wandering around a motel in the middle of the night as a toddler while her parents got high somewhere inside. She and her sibling were later adopted by her foster parents. Later it was found that Mary has paranoid schizophrenia, learning disorders among other issues. She lives in a special place (CASA regulations state that I cannot give too much info on the child) pretty far away where they can care for her. So this past weekend Sergio and I decided to go see her. Well actually I can only see her.

Busy week of Christmas Prep and Testing

The past week was a busy one for us. We decorated the inside of our home and now all that's left is the outside. We are busy planning our Church's Christmas party. We are having a Mexican dinner complete with grilled fajitas, courtesy of my husband, homemade salsa (again Sergio) and all the fixins! We have been busy trying to get the best price for the beef and Sergio has finally done it. We got a good deal at Sam's and Sergio is slated to go by there tomorrow to pick it up. So this week is going to be busy as well. Whew! But back to LAST week. We took Aaron to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to the Dyslexia center for an evaluation. We are so thankful that he got accepted to this wonderful hospital. They treated us like kings, especially Aaron. We spent the nite at a nearby hotel b/c the drive from our town into the Downtown Dallas Area would have been a nightmare since his appt. was at 8:30 a.m.! I am so glad we did book a room, b/c that day it was snowing!! We


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