Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bathroom Re-do

When we first moved into this house a year ago most of the rooms were covered in pretty hideous wallpaper. It made the house look dated and quite frankly ugly. After many, many hours of intense labor, we took off all the wallpaper and re-textured the walls with a faux finish and repainted. Here is a pic of our "new bathroom"

I only have the little bench seat to recover. I am going to cover it in a nice burgundy sheen fabric to match the curtains. Also, the curtains cost me only $14.99 for the whole window set at Wal-Mart. What a deal! The rest I already had.
We also redid the kitchen. We actually took a pretty turquoise vase and had them color match it at home depot. We absolutely love it!
Here are some pics of that:

The reason I am so proud of this endeavor is that it took 5 of us, no 6 of us to take down that darned wall paper! Whoever invented wall paper should be shot! It is the worst invention ever!! Ok..rant over. So, anyway, there you have it, our new kitchen and bath sans wallpaper.

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