Monday, April 17, 2017

Casual Style Ideas

Casual Style. Stylish Working Mom

Hello friends. I am back to share some fun outfits I've put together using current items I have in my closet along with some new items I've purchased at some of my favorite stores.

The idea is to dress stylish whilst saving money. All of my outfits are for any age and appropriate for work and play :)

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I'm going to be holding a giveaway soon to my favorite store JCPenney :)

So please follow this blog and my instagram account to enter. I'll be announcing the details in the next few days. Have a great week!

                     skirt from TJMaxx    Yellow Ruffled Tank from Target  Nude pumps from Payless Shoes
                     Denim Blouse from JCPenney, Chevron Necklace and Tan skirt from Kohls. Boots from Target.
                     One of my fave tops-the Elsie coral printed blouse from Stitch Fix! Navy pleated skirt made by my mom! Grey  kitten heel sling backs from Target :)

And below:
Gorgeous blue blouse from Stitch Fix, Coral bib necklace from Kohls. Here is the tan skirt again from Kohls. 

Until next time friends. 


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Laundry Tips

{this is a sponsored post}

Hello sweet peeps! I thought I’d use an appropriate salutation for this season ;)
It has been a hail of a night here in the Dallas area. We had some large hail and pretty bad storms but it seems they have moved on.

The weekend seems to just be a whirlwind of activity at our household as I’m sure it is in yours as well. Driving the youngest kid to his acting classes, cotillion ball
(I’ll tell you about that later; It was AWESOME) and household chores.

The chore I most loathe is doing laundry. Who’s with me? Can we just wear disposable clothing already. Sheesh.

Recently, the hubs came up to me and was complaining about his deodorant staining his work shirts. I mean it looked bad. He had to buy brand new shirts on his own dime. I remember my mom always swearing by BIZ brand bleach. Well it’s not really a bleach, but it’s an awesome stain remover. I have been using BIZ for a while myself but the light bulb hadn’t gone off in my head to use it on his shirts!

The good people at BIZ sent me a few bottles to sample. Now, this was not my first time using this brand. I am going to show a few pics of the shirts and what I did to have them disappear.

: you can see the white stains here:

Mind you, these had been washed several times already and the stain would not come off! It was sticky and white. Very visible.

I just wet the  underarm area of the shirts and rubbed in a bit of BIZ to do a pre-treatment. I let it sit for about 15 minutes then I ran them through the washer with my regular detergent and about ½ cup of BIZ.

I couldn’t believe it! That was all it took. The stains are gone! He can wear his shirts again.

Here's a brighter shot of the shirt. It was a bit difficult to show since it's black and the light reflects on it. But you get the gist. It works!
I can't wait to try it on a blouse that I LOVE but it has one pesky stubborn stain I must get rid of. What's even better is that it also eliminates odors. It's color safe and even makes colors look brighter.

Thanks BIZ for making such a great product.

To find out more about BIZ stain and odor eliminator visit their site here.

Until next time,


*this post was sponsored by BIZ and provided compensation/product for a real review. All opinions are mine and these are real results obtained by me.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Make Your Own Teepee

Make your own teepee

Let me just begin by stating that I made this teepee twice. 

The first time I made it was with a queen size bed sheet. It was ok, but I would have had to cut around the bottom to make it look more finished. It served its purpose and my grandbaby loved playing in it. Until I remembered that I had a huge piece of canvas I had bought off one of those facebook garage sales! :)

I have no idea how many yards of canvas this was but I was determined to make the teepee using mostly things I had on hand. I had the canvas, I had hot glue and glue gun, and a borrowed electric stapler. 

First I bought five 8 foot 1x2s white pine pieces cut down to 6 feet tall each. Then I had my son drill a hole about 3 inches down from the top big enough so that the rope would fit through. The rope is actually white nylon cord because I didn't want a messy rope. You take the rope and put it through all the holes and tie it up but not real tight. Just enough for you to shape the frame on the floor. Then I just measured each triangle shape from stick to stick, and cut the canvas. Some of it wasn't as tall as the frame, so I had to just cut and paste it. Remember, I had NEVER made one of these before. 

You can see above how I pieced it together. I used high temp glue to glue it to the wood frame. 
My reasoning was that if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be too hard to take it apart and start over. I continued until I had covered the entire frame then worked on the front entrance. 
You can see here how I kind of cut the entrance when I was first working with the sheet. 
I then decided I wanted to cut out a little window and add a window shade. I bought a yard of fabric that was on sale and decided to make the shade out of it. I also thought I'd put a piece of the fabric across the front just to dress it up a bit. 
I hot glued it as well. I then took the electric stapler and stapled the canvas to the frame being careful to leave a bit so I could fold over and cover the staples. Some of it I didn't do very well and you could still see the staples. I then got some burlap ribbon I had and decided to cover where the staples were on the frame. It looks nice! 

The window was a little tricky. I measured the fabric that was going to cover it and then cut the window out slightly smaller. There were frayed edges on the window, so I took some of my fabric and make some trim, again using hot glue. The window shade is made from a piece of canvas glued to the fabric to make it sturdier and easier to roll up and down. I had two wooden dowels I had bought at Hobby Lobby some time ago and I cut them down to fit. I simply hot glued a piece folded over to make a sleeve so the dowels could slide into. 
I also made some tie backs for the front from the same fabric and you guessed glue! 
I have to say it has held up very well! My 3 year old sweetie and I play together in her teepee every weekend and eventually it will go in her home so she can read in her bedroom. 

If you've ever wanted to make one I say go for it. Whether you use canvas or a sheet, heck even some curtains that you cut up, I bet your kid will love it. And best of all it was made by YOU.

Until next time.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Over 40 and Fashionable!

You know what they say....40 is the new 30! Am I right? Well grandmas are the new hot mamas!! 

I have started posting my daily outfits, or #ootd on Instagram. I am a firm believer that we can look great without spending a lot of $$$.  Join me on Instagram 
with my handle
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Follow me there and 
don't miss out on some upcoming giveaways to my favorite stores like: Target, Kohls and JCPenney :)

My outfits are age appropriate and are great to wear to work. I feature outfits that you can build on with just a few basic pieces and then add accessories to change it up!
Here are some examples:

Get all the details of where to buy these items on my IG feed.

I'm even trying out a new skin care regimen using Olay Pro products. These are products I buy myself. So the results are real results. I'm on day 20 of using them and I can already see a difference in the tone of my skin. 
Here's a pic I took when I was just beginning my regimen:

I hope you join me there. I'll share some of my outfits here as well for those of you who don't get on Insta.

Until next time.

Better Late Than Ever-2016 Recap

So many things to catch up on and so many stories to tell. I'll begin in October. You know I love to spend time with my sweet grandbaby and having her over every weekend, well it's just the sunshine I need every week :) 

I loved spending time with her and my son carving jack o lanterns and roasting pumpkin seeds. I loved decorating our little front porch entrance to our apartment. You can see my witch sign here that I've been making for others for years and I finally made one for myself. 

We even made a couple of deco mesh wreaths. One of Jack Skellington which we hung on our balcony!

I love it.

We then celebrated Thanksgiving at our favorite place-Tanglewood Resort at Lake Texoma. No cooking for me! 
We had a wonderful Christmas in our little place, with our little family. That's the best type of celebration for us at this place in our life. I even had the energy to make these sweet, hot chocolate shaped cake pops, complete with "marshmallow toppings". This was a chore, let me tell you. Over 4 hours of time, but oh so worth it!

This one is of the cake pops in progress 
Not perfect but my co-workers loved them!
{credit for cake pop idea and recipe goes to}

So that's a wrap for now. I have SO much to share with you guys. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Useful Things (Grown Up Coloring Book)

Have you all seen all the adult (why do I feel weird saying that out loud??) coloring books?

We have a special day at my office where we get together during lunch and color. Yes, you read that right-we have coloring time! 

It is so relaxing! It helps us refocus and feel refreshed and ready (well, maybe not THAT ready) to get back to work. 

For the longest time, I've been wanting to buy one of these coloring books, but whenever I'd peek inside of one, I was kind of Meh...

But when this book arrived, I immediately opened it and fell in love! First of all, I love coloring faces. I don't know what is more mesmerizing to me than looking at drawings of eyes.

Here is the cover

It is called Cosmic and Eternal Love by 
Amrita Sen
and let me tell you the art work is stunning!
It comes with a music CD and the music is beautiful!
I'm telling you you must get this combo.
It officially comes out in January 
You can get it here:

Amrita Sen Coloring Book

Here's the inside:
You can see the CD that comes with it

A page that I've been coloring.

The Cosmic and Eternal Love Coloring Book by Amrita Sen is no ordinary coloring book. Sen weaves a traditional Indian love story into incredibly detailed black and white drawings that makes this book a joy to color. The book also includes a musical CD featuring songs by the artist herself which compliment the classic story. Cosmic and Eternal Love truly engages all of the senses!

I received this book to review but received no monetary compensation. My opinions are mine. 

I can't wait to continue to relax with my very first adult coloring book. 

Until next time!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Looking Forward - Caribbean Cruise

So for the past year and a half we have been planning (and saving) for a cruise. We've NEVER been! Y'all I'm so excited! But with the move last year, sending my boy off to college, well we had to do some rearranging. So it's set for next Spring! Hurray!

It's going to be a little hard shopping for swimsuits and summer wear during these cold months but I did find this really awesome site for boardshorts!
I was contacted to see if I wanted to review their product, and being that we are going on a cruise next Spring, I said yes.

My 14 y.o. son will be wearing these on the cruise. 
He has worn them around the house just as shorts. He loves them! They are so comfy and can be worn as regular shorts and used to get in the water. 
Here's the pair he received:

Just Bones Boardwear shorts have a unique adjustable waistband that creates the perfect fit for your child, whether on land or in the water. The shorts feature an adjustable waist that discretely hides underneath a Velcro® flap at the waistband in the back.
Y'all that sealed the deal! My kid loves that they are adjustable. They are super soft and fast drying so you can hit the waves and then wear them around town. 
You can find them here:

They are for both boys and girls.

You can check out all the styles and colors at 

And you can see the video of how easy it is to adjust them here:

We will definitely be ordering some for my older son to wear on our cruise!

I highly recommend these board shorts. 

Until next time!



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