Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter's Coming Are You Ready (Honeybaked Ham}

the following post is sponsored by HoneyBaked Ham :) and all opinions are mine

Time is sure flying by!! It looks like Spring is finally here! (shhhh...don't tell mother nature)

We've been outside enjoying the gorgeous weather before it gets to be 110 degrees here in Texas. 

As you may remember, back in 2011, I was planning a fantastic Easter dinner before I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and my dinner plans were foiled :(

Well this year I promised myself to make up for it. I want my whole family enjoying a delicious Easter dinner. I want to make memories with my daughter's new, little, family, including this sweetheart :

With working part-time and running my photography business, time is at a premium around here (as it is in most households). So I was looking for a simple and delicious way of preparing a family meal, I thought about HoneyBaked Ham.  (yes, this was BEFORE they contacted me)

Years ago we always bought HoneyBaked Ham for Christmas dinner but we hardly ever thought about it for Easter. Duh!!!
 I went on down to the store in Plano, on Preston Road, and got a scrumptious ham for the fam.
I didn't know they carry so many yummy sides and desserts too. 

Slow-roasted and smoked, every HoneyBaked Ham is glazed by hand with the signature, sweet, crunchy glaze, and has that one of a kind taste that everyone looks forward to. Also, try the moist, tender Turkey Breast, coated with the same sweet, crunchy glaze as HoneyBaked’s signature Ham.  Serve it on its own or pair it with the Ham. With your choice of delicious Heat & Share Sides, Desserts and even Honey-Spice Bacon, HoneyBaked helps create a delicious Easter brunch or dinner, that’s easy on you. So while you’re making memories with your loved ones, you can trust HoneyBaked Ham to deliver an authentic, perfect taste that everyone will love, - sure to become an Easter tradition. 

                                             Sides, condiments and desserts, oh my!

So guess what my family will be having for Easter dinner?
HoneyBaked Ham with all the fixins :)  And no more of me running around trying to get the ingredients needed at the last minute. We just pick up, uncover and serve. Now how nice is that? I'll get to sit and visit with the family.

Now because I really, love their food, I want to share it with you. 

Here are some specials they are running:

  • In-Store Specials
    • $54.99 Easter Ham & Turkey Combo – Pair a Turkey Breast (approx. 3 lbs.) with your choice of a Boneless Ham (approx. 3.5 lbs.) or Quarter Ham (approx. 4.5 lbs.)
    • $22.99 Turkey Breast (with any Half or Whole Ham purchase)
    • $24.99 Easter Brunch Bundle – Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake and Honey-Spice Bacon
    • Heat & Share Sides: Two for $13.99, three for $19.99
  • With Coupon

    • $5 OFF Half Ham (Bone-in) or Become a HoneyBaked VIP at honeybakedfoods.com (Save an extra $1 when you sign up to become a HoneyBaked VIP at HoneyBaked Foods: $6 OFF )
    • $3 OFF Boneless Ham or Quarter Ham
      (Save an extra $1 when you sign up to become a HoneyBaked VIP at honeybakedfoods.com: $4 OFF )
  • Become a VIP at HoneyBakedFoods.com for exclusive savings all year long.

And when I found out that they were hosting a great giveaway I signed up right away.

 Ready to enter the giveaway! Do so below :)
The giveaway runs from 4/1 to 4/13  midnight, CT.

And don't forget to come back here to check on my upcoming Easter ideas. 


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Make A Boho Flower Head Piece

 Since I have my baby granddaughter now, 
I am always looking for cute things to make for her.
And since I run a photography business, I can always use them later when she outgrows them.
Last night I was in a creative mode and as I was gathering up some flowers from a vase I was planning to sell, a thought came into my mind: make something out of these flowers!

I have seen many of the cute, boho, flower head pieces and I thought it would be fun to make my own.

First I gathered all my things:
assortment of flowers
thin wire
floral wire
floral tape
wire cutters

 You also need some wire cutters if your flowers are tough to cut thru.

 Wire used to fasten the flowers to the ring.

First, I removed the flowers from the stems. 
I then took the floral wire and cut it to size according a little hat I bought for my grand daughter.
I shaped it into a circle
Then I arranged the flowers around the wire to see how I wanted them to look.

 You can see the wire here

Next, I took a section of the thin wire and cut it so that I could insert one end into the flower, made a small loop and then gently pulled it back down so it could disappear into the flower petals. This is so that the flower won't fall off when I pull the wire back and tie it to the head piece.
I did this with all the flower heads and worked my way around.
Then I took some of the smaller flowers and just wrapped the stem around the head piece.

When I was finished, 
I simply went around and carefully covered all the wire with floral tape, taking care to cover and sharp areas. I went around it several times where the wires would meet.
Next, I took some ribbon scraps and tied them to the opposite end of the headpiece which would face backwards on the baby.

Cute, boho, head piece! 
Very inexpensive and so "in" right now.
I turned a few stems of unwanted flowers into a cute 
head band for my little baby girl.
I think I'll make some for my maternity shoots so the mama-to-be can wear them.

What do you think?
Will you share what you have made with something you thought you didn't want anymore?
I'd love to hear about it.

Until next time.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Farmhouse Style and Decor on a Dime

I've got spring fever! 
Yep, I have so many ideas swimming around in my head, I can't sleep. 
Sigh. If only I had unlimited time and funds HA!
Whenever I do get any ideas, I have to write them down or type them into my ipad notes. 
 And I have to remind myself that I don't have to have lots of moolah to make my house nice. 
I start thinking about what I can repurpose or knock off!
I've had many knockoffs.
Do you remember these:

See what I mean? Just be resourceful.
Now onto the vintage sofa recover dilemma.
Yes, dilemma.
It all started innocently enough. Me trying to be brave and create a beautiful sofa. Well it went pretty good until the seats.
Yep. My mom was trying to help and recover the seats but upon removal of the fabric she discovered that the seats had a frame and springs in them!!
Sooooo, I'm going to have to go to an upholstery place to see if they can do them. So right now we're sitting on two seat cushions!!
Here's what I'm talking about and how it looked before:

And here's how it still looks :/

Picture it all finished up :)
I hope it will be soon.
Anywho, I really wanted
to share with you some beautiful images of what I'm wanting to do in my home.

I want to do a variation of this for my Easter table setting:

image via farmhousewares.com
isn't that cute?
and this:
so pretty
image via theurbanfarmhouseshoppe.com

and ultimately my living room to resemble something like this:

image via indulgy.com

or how about this cute vignette:

image via thistlewoodfarms.com

and how about this unique way of using a washtub-as a coffee table!!

image via gypsyfleamarket.blogspot.com

and last but not least-this pretty dining room: love the farm table: I must find a way to transform mine into one :)

image via bucketsofburlap.blogspot.com

How do you keep track of your ideas?
Do you have a special notebook?

 I'm getting ready to paint my "new" coffee table with some home made chalk paint. 

Have a great week!


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Monday, March 10, 2014

You're Almost Out Of Time-Healthcare Law

In 2011 I suffered a major traumatic event.
Being in the hospital sure woke me up as to the importance of having healthcare. With the new healthcare law all of us Americans can have adequate coverage for our entire families.
However, we are running out of time. It is very important that if you haven't signed up for healthcare coverage, that you do so before March 31st. 
Consumer Reports has put together a wonderful site to help guide us all during this confusing time.
I know I was overwhelmed at the amount of information available regarding the healthcare law.
Now you can get guidance from one of America's truly unbiased organizations-Consumer Reports.
They have compiled helpful info in both English and Spanish. 
Here are three reasons you should sign up before March 31st:

Three Reasons You Should Sign Up for Obamacare Before March 31…

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought major changes to health insurance for consumers.

You probably already know some of the highlights: that insurance companies can no longer turn people down or charge them extra because of pre-existing conditions; young adults can stay on their parents insurance until age 26, and there are no more lifetime limits on insurance policies.

But for people who are uninsured or have to buy their own insurance (versus getting it from your employer or Medicare), there are important facts about the new law that you may not know. The new state-based Health Exchanges are open now, but with Open Enrollment ending in March, it’s important to learn how these facts could affect you.

Here are three important reasons you should enroll before March 31:

After March 31, you can’t get covered by health insurance until next year
Unlike previous years, the majority of consumers will only be able to purchase private health insurance during the annual Open Enrollment Period. Except for specific, special circumstances, you can only buy coverage for this year until March 31, whether you’re shopping through your state’s Health Insurance Marketplace or outside it. This is a big change from the past.

You are still free to change your health plan every year if you want to, but you have to wait. Open enrollment for next year will commence on Nov. 15, 2014 and run through Jan. 15, 2015. But coverage purchased during this period will only kick in January 1, 2015 at the earliest. Simply put, if you don’t enroll by March 31, 2014, you won’t be covered by insurance until at least January 1, 2015.

What constitutes a “qualifying life event” to change your coverage outside of Open Enrollment? Consumers will be given 60 days to make a change if they are:
• Having a baby or a change in their marital status.
• Losing their existing plan, for instance by leaving a job.
• Having a change in income that makes them newly eligible or newly ineligible for tax credits to lower the cost of your premiums
• Moving to another state.
• Having an increase in income that makes them or a family member ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP.
• Becoming “lawfully present” in the United States by getting a green card or other long-term non-tourist visa.
• Getting out of jail.

What’s doesn’t qualify? Getting sick and suddenly needing urgent health care. That’s why it’s so important to get covered now.

You may be passing up free money for their health insurance.
More than three-quarters of the people who have purchased a plan through their Health Insurance Marketplace will be receiving financial assistance in paying their premiums, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s quite possible that you could be one of them.

Depending on your family size and income, you may be able to lower your monthly premium through a tax credit called the “Advance Premium Tax Credit.” For example, a family of 4 with an income up to approximately $94,000 would qualify for help. Without checking,you could be passing up this money to help pay for insurance.  For a quick, easy way to see if you could qualify visit Consumer Reports’  HealthLawHelper.org.

Note: if your income is low enough, you or your children may be eligible for government-funded Medicaid and CHIP programs for lower-income Americans. These programs are exempt from open enrollment and you can sign up at any time.

Waiting until the last minute may leave you scrambling
Enrollment in new insurance plans has dramatically increased since the initial website hiccups but there are still millions of consumers that need to review their options and you don’t want to get caught up in the last minute shopping frenzy.

Plus, if you care about getting coverage started before May 1st you’ll need to take action sooner. Insurance plans purchased after March 15 may leave you waiting until May 1 for that coverage to kick in. The delay results from the two weeks needed to process applications and insurance plans tend to start on the 1st day of the month.

We also advise having plenty of time, even a few days, to make your decision. Depending on where you live you may have several different plan options to pick from with varying deductibles, co-pays, networks of doctors, and monthly premiums. It’s important to review those options carefully, not in the 11th hour before open enrollment closes.

NOTE: Consumer Reports has a range of independent and unbiased health insurance experts who are available to advise and answer questions on Obamacare 7-days a week.

 I know I am passing this information to all my friends and loved ones. Please help us spread the word. 

Have a great Monday!

this is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Pottery Barn Knock Off {Place Card Holder}

In between projects I saw this on the Pottery Barn site and just had to have it!

 How cute are these?! But at that price 
I thought I could save me some Moola if I made them myself.
So I did!
I think these would be great as table markers at a wedding::hint,hint::
So I set out to get some supplies:

First I remembered seeing this somewhere:
So I went to Michael's and sure enough. Score!
These four cuties were $2.49 for the pack.
So affordable.
Next I had to buy some type of birdie, or embellishment for the top. 
I couldn't find any ceramic ones but I found these:

 also from Michael's 

Then I went over to Home Depot and got me some white porcelain tiles at 13 cents a piece. Can you say super affordable?

Then I got my trusty can of Rustoleum spray paint in Heirloom White and gave the easels a few coats.

After they dried I simply glued the tile to the easel and glued the birdy to the top. I used super glue but you can use any glue that will adhere to glass, 6000, etc.

Now I can write on them with my dry erase marker and use them over and over!

While I was at Michael's, I also found these cute little frames:

They were not so cheap at $2.00 a piece, but I thought they'd look cute as place markers too. 

So my grand total spent for these 4 Pottery Barn knockoffs is
$6.50 since I already had the paint and glue.
Savings: $13 not including shipping saved.

My mind is on a roll. I am working on some other projects to Spring-ify my dining room while my seat cushions for the vintage sofa project.
Since the sun's been shining here in the DFW area, I'm super stoked to bring color into our living space once again.

Are you as excited for spring as I am?




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Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Reupholster a Vintage Sofa Part 2 and Winner

Update on the vintage sofa reupholstery project

Well it wasn't so bad. After figuring out what type of trim to use, I got the confidence to say, "The wing chairs are next!" much to the chagrin of my children and spouse. Hee hee.
You see once I'm on a roll, I'M ON A ROLL.
I used to think it was extremely difficult to upholster a piece of furniture but now, not so much.
Sure it does take a lot of time and a lot of staples.
And speaking of staples. 

I used them a wee bit too low on the sofa and so the trim didn't cover them entirely. I guess I should have used the tacks. Well I have two options: one is to remove those noticeable staples, ever so gently so as not to rip the fabric and tack it up with the dark tacks
paint the staples a dark color so they are not noticeable

which would you pick?

Right now the seat cushions are being sewn by my mother and then I will cover up some throw pillows to make it all look nice. 

The trim looks really yellow in the pictures, but it's because of the flash. I usually take my pics at night. Go figure.

I opted to go all the way down on the trim in the back because it is supposed to be sewn with a u shaped needle (that I didn't have). That sewn in feature hides the tacks.
I improvised. It actually looks really nice in person. 
(again here it looks garishly yellow)
So all I have to do is figure out the dilemma with the showing staples and tack on the remaining wood pieces to the front.
I can't wait to show you the finished product.
Oh, how much was this project, you ask?
Fabric was $53 for 15 yards on ebay!!! Wha....
Yes. Score.
I still have a lot left.
The trim was about $7, the staples and gun I already had.
So about $80 for this project (I had to buy 3 zippers for the seat cushions)
Do you have an itch to recover a sofa? 
Do it!! It's not as hard as you think.
Oh, almost forgot the winner of the Kohl's $25 gift card is entry #21!!

 Vivacious Ramsey
If you are reading this (and I hope you are ;))
Please contact me at salmar70atgmaildotcom
to claim your prize!

Have a fantastic week friends!


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Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Reupholster a Vintage Sofa Part 1

I have been wanting to reupholster this sofa for the longest time.

 (vintage sofa)

But I've been a little scaredy cat!
This was a craigslist find and I just loved it when 
I saw it. I had envisioned this for my photography business and use it as a prop. It would look gorgeous in a family pic.
like this:
 {fall photos: Patricia Martinez Photography McKinney Texas}

But then I also wanted to actually use it in my home.
I decided I may as well take a chance on it and upholster it myself. What did I have to lose except a really nice sofa, right?
So, I googled and youtubed how to do this.
It seemed fairly easy but complicated at the same time.
The first thing keeping me back was the cost of good fabric. Holy Cow! $25 per yard!! No thanks.
So one night as I was perusing ebay, I found fabric for REALLY cheap. I'm talking $53 for 15 yards of chenille!! This was it. I had to get it. 
It is the perfect color and the fabric is very durable. Remember I have three dogs and 2 boys and a NEW granddaughter :)
So I decided one cold night to go ahead and bite the bullet. I grabbed my camera and decided to video each step and also take pictures for me to put it together easier.
First thing is to gather the right tools.
Now this, vintage sofa was put together by thousands of upholstery tacks. My hubby recommended that I use his staple gun, which I did.
I saved the tacks though, and I am glad I did.
You'll see why.
I will try to tell you step by step. This will be part one.
Tools needed:
staple gun
upholstery tacks and magnetic hammer
upholstery needle and thread
fabric scissors
upholstery tack/staple remover
lots of patience :)
I'm so glad my friend loaned me her tool to remove all those tacks. It looks like this:

I strongly suggest you get this tool. And a VERY good staple gun.
So I gathered my tools and slowly began to pull off the decorative trim around the front and back of the sofa.
This was just glued on. I saved it so that I can use it to go by some new trim.
Next, I slowly removed the front of the backrest. I saved all the pieces and labeled them with painter's tape so that I could use them to make my patterns with the new fabric.

Now I moved onto the back. Keep in mind that you will be putting this back together in REVERSE.

I kept the batting up and as intact as possible by holding it in place with painter's tape.
I saved all the tacks in a little bowl just in case :)
I made note of how the fabric was held in place. 
Like the sides here, you can see where a big piece is brought over from the front and stapled to the frame.

Remember, I also took video of the steps I thought would be most important, and hence most likely for me to forget.
I noticed how some pieces were sown on to help keep in place

The fact that I made so many notes on my camera, REALLY helped as I did this all by myself.
After I removed all the pieces, I put them aside and had my mother cut out the patterns on the new fabric. I am not good at cutting and I knew I would ruin the fabric. My mom is a professional seamstress so she knows how to cut!
I also noted that in some areas, like the underside of the armrest, they had used a piece of cardboard to conceal the tacks.

I forgot to mention, the sofa has some decorative wood trim, so I removed that as well and labeled accordingly.
Tomorrow I will show you how I started to put it all together. 

In the meantime, don't forget about my Kohl's giveaway.
Enter here

Stay warm.


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