Monday, June 30, 2008

Sabbath Day

Sunday is the Sabbath for our family and our church. On this day we read the scriptures, have our family home evening (or day for us) where we discuss the gospel amongst ourselves, do a family activity (such as play a game, draw together, etc.) On this day we watch no TV, no computer, no video games. Now, if you know our family, this is a huge FEAT for us! We love watching TV, and Ellison loves to be on the computer. We figured we can make this small sacrifice to honor the Sabbath and the commandments. It takes quite a bit of preparartion to observe the Sabbath. We plan our meals the day before, as there is no shopping or spending of money on Sunday. I remember as a little girl, Texas had what they called the "blue law" where almost nothing was open on Sunday. It was a day of rest and a day to spend with family. Now it seems like almost every store, restaurant and bank is open on Sunday to cater to our overly scheduled lifestyle. It's nice to observe the Sabbath. We get t

Cook Out

On Friday we went to my job's employee cookout. We had some fun eating grilled burgers and hot dogs and enjoying a nice summer evening. The boys had some snow cones. We came home a little early because Sergio had to go to work that night. It was nice to be outside with friends and the kids.


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