Saturday, May 1, 2021

Weekend Spring Trip-Galveston, Texas

It's been a minute! But I am back. So much has happened in my life from the last blog post.  I have to tell you guys all about my move to my small cottage home, my journey from living a life in an unhappy marriage, the dating scene and finally finding love.  But for now, here is what happened on my impromptu weekend trip.  I needed to get away really bad. From working WAY too much at my new job (that I landed during COVID) to the regular stresses of being a working mom to a high school senior (how did THAT happen?!) You guys, I NEEDED this trip!  So I booked my hotel on the Hilton Honors app because I am a member :) then we decided to head out early on a Friday morning. It was an easy 5 hour drive from Dallas.  I mainly wanted to visit this cute little store on the Strand called The Witchery It has such a good vibe y'all. You must check it out. They had some crystals, books, and even a couple of rooms for psychic readings. Whether you are into that or not, you have to admit it


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