Saturday, June 27, 2009

Popcorn, Books and Sweltering Heat

Today is a hot day. Again. Summers in Texas are practically unbearable. The heat and humidity keep most people inside. This morning I woke up early and did some grocery shopping. I was there at around 9 a.m. when people are still asleep. I hate shopping. For anything. But I have planned it this way now, I wake up early do a little grocery shopping, do some laundry then some activities with the kids. Today I took the boys downtown to the library and to the Mom and Popcorn store. That place is awesome. They have many different flavors of popcorn. We got the snack size white cheddar and the salsa verde. After that we headed over to the library. Aaron got some videos of hurricanes. He is very into the weather. He also got a book on the Earth. He loves to read about volcanoes and natural disasters and how they come to be. On the drive home, we stopped at the 7-11 and got some slurpees. Aaron checking out all the Jelly Belly flavors Hmmm...Aaron didn't seem enticed by all the colorful
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too lazy for dinner

So last night we didn't know what to cook for dinner. I had bought some burger meat and we had tacos on our menu. But then Sergio called me at work and asked "Do you really want me to cook this meat? It looks brown and weird."So I told him to forget it. It really ticks me off to have to throw food away, I mean REALLY ticks me off but I wasn't gonna risk E Coli poisoning for me or my family so on the way home I stopped at Albertson's. Hmmmm what to eat? Something quick and easy. I know, PANCAKES! I bought some whipped cream, strawberry topping and pancake mix and voila - DINNER! Sergio's pancakes are so delicious. He makes them thin, yet fluffy with a little bit of crisp on the edges. Ellison did not want to eat pancakes and she was on her way to Mutual to tie dye some tshirts. The boys were excited and we had a yummy dinner. The tacos will have to be tomorrow.
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Splash Pad Fun

Today while I was at work staring at the computer, I was secretly wishing I was outside splashing around getting wet. Just like when I was a kid, after the rain, we would go across the street to splash around in the parking lot of the old folk's home. Well, I remembered reading that there is a splash park near my house. So I googled it and I called Sergio to tell him we'd be having a picnic for dinner at the Splash pad park---Aviator Park. After my visit with my dear friend Christine, who retired after 20 years with the City of McKinney, we headed to Subway to get our dinner. We had so much fun, splashing and running through the sprinklers . Josh at the playground Aaron makes a new friend and is giving him some scooter tips I get in on the splashing fun Aaron and I getting ready for our race We had a lot of fun and I liked this little park so much I am planning on having Aaron's birthday party here in August. It's perfect and close to our house. I am sure we'll
Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

On Saturday the kids and I went shopping for some Father's Day presents for Sergio. We bought him a new fishing rod and tackle box. Of course, Aaron wanted one too, so we got a good deal on them at Academy. Sergio was pleasantly surprised with his gifts esp. his new tackle box (he loves tackle and tool boxes for some reason). I was trying to take a good picture of the boys but Aaron never looks at the camera! And in this one, he's scratching... Sergio immediately starts to put his new tackle box to good use Later that same night, we took Sergio out to dinner at Enchilada's, his favorite restaurant in Dallas. We also went to walk around this fairly new shopping center in Allen called Watter's Creek. The kids really enjoyed it, especially when I suggested we get iced gelato at Paciugo's. We then took a drive out to Aubrey to look at land. Sergio and I always dream of buying a few acres and Aubrey is our new favorite town. Maybe our dreams will come true once the eco
Friday, June 19, 2009

Young Women's Camp

Last week Ellison went away to our church's Young Women's camp. She had a great time horseback riding, swimming, laughing, eating, hiking and sweating! This would have been her last year at camp since she is graduating next year, but she may go back for one final time next year after she graduates. Ellison is the light of my life. It was so dull and boring being a whole week without her. I missed having another girl in the house. Although I love both my boys it just isn't the same without her. I don't know what I will do if she goes to college out of state. We'll cross that bridge when it comes. Here are some pics of her at camp: She has made some good friends and had some good times in the young women's program. I am glad she had the chance to experience these things. I never got to do any of the things she has done. I am so grateful for the church and their leaders, they truly care about these girls. They did have to come home early because a bad storm was ap
Monday, June 8, 2009


Not much went on this past weekend. The kids are excited to be out of school. Friday night Josh went to a friend's house for a sleepover. I am so happy Josh attracts good friends. His parents seem pretty nice too. I talked to Josh's friend's mom and she mentioned that she thinks my Josh is "adorable" (her words :) That's a great thing to say to the mother of a soon to be 12 year old! And I totally agree with her. She mentioned that all the boys that spent the night are a good group of boys and I agreed with her again. They will all be in band together. Since Josh was at a sleepover, Aaron was very sad without his brother. He did not want to sleep alone so Ellison and Aaron had their own sleepover in the game room!! Aaron was thrilled. Prior to Aaron's sleepover with Ellison, we cheered him up by taking him to Brooklynn's pizza, just the three of us (Ellison was on her weekly date). He mentioned how happy he was to have mom and dad all to himself. On Sa


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