Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Home Office Redo-The Reveal-Boho Natural Desk

Home Office Redo - The Reveal After weeks of painting, sanding, waxing, drilling, cleaning, arranging and lots and lots of sweat-my home office redo is complete! I am in love with the space now. I feel that it has a more open feel and I arranged it so that my desk faces the window. I feel happier when I am facing a window while working as compared to the wall. We had the dilemma of where to place the workout bench and weights, so we decided to put them on the west side of the room where the desk used to be. This opened up the room entirely and we can now use that space in the middle of the room to do yoga, floor exercises and meditate.  Here are some photos I took at night because I couldn't wait to share with you! I will take more during the day.  I tell you, it makes me happy just to sit in this room now :) I cannot wait to pick out some new art work and hang it in here.  I even have a little fountain on my bookshelf that I bought at Dollar General last year!  Enjoy! BEFORE AFTER
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Home Office Redo-Chalk Paint and Boho

Home Office Redo-Bedroom to Home Office I have been living in this apartment for about two years and so far I love it here!  It's a cute area with so many conveniences! I also have been working from home for about six months along with my husband.  However, I have decided to redo this room and turn it into a cute, boho, zen area for work and working out plus meditation. Follow along to see how I achieve this! First off, here is what it looks like currently: I have the monitor and laptop on a vintage 1940s desk that I bought for $80 back in 2013 I painted it a beautiful grey with white drawer fronts that I crackled. It is looking dated and just needs a nice facelift I love using Annie Sloan brand Chalk Paint because it has no odor and it's easy for me to work with.  I used to have a furniture flipping and restoration business 10 years (or so) ago and I used that paint a lot. I bought Pure White and some clear wax and got to work. First I had to remove the drawer handles and noti

Valentine's Day - Date Night Outfit Inspo

I have always been very fond of Valentine's Day I remember as a little girl, being excited to decorate my little mailbox with cute doily hearts, glitter stickers and much more!  I love Valentine's Day because it's a day to celebrate friendship and love.  We have love for our family, our spouse, our partners, our friends, our neighbors, our pets, and more! My husband and I decided to go out for a nice dinner the Saturday before the 14th!  It always gets so crowded on the day of, so we made reservations at SER Steakhouse in downtown Dallas.  The restaurant has a beautiful view of the the downtown area and the service was exceptional! I could not decide between what to wear (big surprise, lol) so here  are a few outfits I contemplated for that evening: You can view the video on my TikTok page. Follow me along there!  So this is the one I decided on!  It is a silver sequined dress and it was so comfortable. I bought it on Temu.  Here’s a few other photos from that night:  So if


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