Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sometimes It's Better Not To Plan

Last Sunday
after we got home from church our plan
was just to lay around and relax.
It's what we usually do on our Sabbath day.
But it was such an unusually beautiful and cool day that I just jumped out of my bed and came out and
exclaimed "Let's do something outside!"
The boys came rushing out of the study with quizzical looks on their faces.
My husband went out to the garage and came back a few minutes later with fishing rods and tackle box in hand.
"Let's go", he said.
"Get in the car.I know just where to take you guys."
So we all piled in the car. We took some water bottles, sodas, I quickly grabbed my camera and off we went. I had no idea where we were going, except it involved fishing.
I really am not a fan of fishing, but today,
well today I didn't even care.

We arrived at this semi-secluded area of Lake Ray Hubbard. I loved this little picnic bench all by its lonesome beckoning to us to sit and stay. But we had to walk past it. Because past it was so much more...

While the boys enjoyed themselves casting their
I enjoyed trying to catch the sun in all his

and the sun, well he didn't disappoint,
putting on quite a show for me
posing this way and that for me and my new camera ;)

Then all too soon, I was shaken back to reality when Sergio called to me:
"I caught one, hurry, come here!!!"
within a span of 30 minutes he had already caught
a fish.
Meanwhile, we have traveled far and wide before
and been out for hours, and caught nothing. Go figure.
So excited were we, that there was a small family a few yards away. They noticed our excitement and their little boy wanted to come see our catch.
They came over and the man asked my husband what he used for bait, etc.
My husband said since we were going to throw our fish back into the lake, why don't they take it.
They were incredulous. "Really??" they asked.
And so, their hours fishing and waiting were not for naught. They had dinner after all.
All of us went home with smiles on our faces.

our new little friend checking out his dinner

it's always nice to make new friends

My friend the sun
not to be outdone
gives me one last showy
we'll be back though
you can bet on that!

P.S. These photos are not photoshopped or edited. They are straight from my camera. The photo of  Sergio is the only one I cropped to get a better look at the fish. All the gorgeous colors come straight from God and not a computer editing program ;)

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  1. Lovely pictures! And how nice of you to share your fish!

    The sun finally made an appearance here after four weeks of rain in August and the first week of September!


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