Friday, February 13, 2015

Trash to Treasure-Roll Top Desk Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hello friends!
Today I will be sharing with you one of my latest projects
a roll top desk painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 
Pure White
I have started rehab-ing old furniture and selling it on the garage sale sites on facebook. I'm telling you it's becoming a nice little side business. 
I'll be preparing a handy little e-book to share with y'all on how you too can make some nice moolah painting furniture.
I got this roll top desk for $25
I had to act fast before someone else snapped it up.

 Here's what it looked like before I painted. Notice there is a little bowing at the top. My hubby simple cut a piece of wood and attached it to the back to lift it up.
Problem solved.
I started out with a vision. I wanted it to look very Pottery Barn-ish in a crisp white with very light distressing. 
I bought a can of Pure White at my local stockist. I tell you this little can goes a long way. The key is to water it down a little in a container. You see the paint thickens once it's exposed to air. But not to worry, as you can add a little water and you're back in business.
It took three coats of paint. 
First I took a damp rag and cleaned off the desk. 
Then I removed all drawers and hardware. 
I started painting and waited about a day between coats.
The great thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it has no odor. There is no stench in the air so I can paint inside my house. Right in my dining room! 
In between coats, I took my hardware outside and spray painted it with a black hammered look paint.
When I was satisfied with the finish, I  lightly sanded the surfaces that were most visible to give it a nice smooth, velvety finish. 
Then I applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax with a Viva paper towel in 12X12 areas and wiped off with a clean Viva paper towel. I use these because they are most like cloth and you can just toss them away after you are done.
I waxed all the desk including the drawers.
I then attached the hardware back onto the drawers and I was done.
I was so pleased with the way it came out, I almost kept it!
I just don't have the space to put it.
Here it is:

This sold for $200 in a matter of minutes.
I made a nice little profit that goes towards our annual Christmas vacation. This year we are taking the fam on a Caribbean cruise!
I am currently working on another roll top desk. This time it's an oak one with many cubbies. So pretty. Can't wait to share with you how that came out.

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