Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is Pinterest and Projects to Come

{from my Pinterest "Board"}

Maybe you're like me.
Maybe not.
What is Pinterest I asked?
Well I found it can be the most addicting of pastimes around!
You need an invite to get in.
It's the social network for pinheads! HA!
I say that in a nice way.
Say you are surfing the net.
You find a really cute dress.
You try to save that pic to your PC for later.
You email the link to yourself.
You bookmark that page.
With Pinterest you don't have to do that anymore!
You see this site is for pinning up on a board anything you fancy!
Cool cars, snazzy shoes, birthday party ideas, free printables, crazy crafts you want to make, tutorials, anything your heart desires, you can PIN on Pinterest.
So basically think of it as a virtual bulletin board where you go to pin your faves &
later go back to them.
(besides A/C)
So I have 4 invites left. If you'd like to join Pinterest,
send me your email to
and I'll invite you!
Become a pinhead like me.
No shame in that. ;)

Also, I am working on some preeeetty cool projects.
1) finish up the big guy's room
2)cute & cheap summer decor ideas
3) err some other stuff
See you back here tomorrow.
{washcloth cupcake}

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