Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cabinet Clean Out

You know how you say "I really need to clean out my closet?"
Well I asked myself that same question about 4 months ago.
So today I STILL didn't do it.
But I tell ya what I did-
I cleaned out some of my kitchen cabinets!!
That's right I said some. I ain't no miracle worker.
Plus I'm still semi-disabled and so I do things in slo-mo.
It all started with me getting the Louisiana hot sauce
I love me some hot sauce.
Especially on Doritos.
So after rummaging through all the crap I had in there I decided, some of this
stuff HAS to be thrown out.
And so it began.
The project that needed to be done.


Most of this needed to be thrown out! YUCK!

More old stuff on top of the MW

One of my REALLY disorganized cabs
Notice the egg carton filled with EASTER Cascarones!

Dishes that I never use

After taking out all the junk from each of the cabinets I decided some
rearranging needed to be done.
First I started with the spices cab. I threw out all the stuff we never use or empty containers that were put back in AGGHH

I then divided everything into categories:
Hot Sauce and Spicy
Rubs and Bouillon
Sauces (for all the marinades such as Teriyaki sauce, etc)
I had some baskets from Dollar Tree I used to corral them all.
I made up some labels on Picnic/Picasa
And here's the finished cab:

Now I won't have to scramble to find what I am looking for :)

Then I took the cab right over my stand mixer
and created a "baking" area with all my tools at the ready

I even carved out a space for my cookbooks!
All my measuring cups, spoons are in the purple basket
Food coloring, Vanilla flavoring and cinammon are in the green basket.

Over the MW-Salt, oils and tortillas
(a staple at our house)

This cabinet was overflowing with never used plates, mugs
sippy cups, etc. I bagged them up and put them on freecycle.

I was on a roll so I got started on one of my
lower cabs. I arranged all my appliances
in a better place and put all my cookie cutters into that one
purple basket. No more rummaging thru drawers for them!

I even rearranged some things on my counters :)
And I'm just getting started.
I have some ideas on how to store all that Tupperware I have under the island.
Don't you just love it when you're on an
organizing binge?
It's like a high you just can't stop.
After this I know I'm going to have to go on to my
bathroom cabs.
Now it's your turn to clean and purge.
It'll make you feel lighter.
I promise.

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