Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This year since funds are non-existant scarce we are enjoying the Summer locally.
There are so many fun things to do that cost little or nothing. Don't get me wrong, we are planning a couple of day trips/weekend vacays later in the upcoming months but nothing extravagant.

The thing is that what I remember most from my childhood summers is the simple things I did with my cousins and family.
Like running around under the water spray that my mom held up for us!

Mud Skating!
 That's right we had a huge ole mulberry tree (at least I think that's what they were, we ate them ;) and it gave a lot of shade. On the one side there was a large indentation in the ground so when my mom watered it, it became a puddle and muddy all around. I found an old hose and we tied it around one branch right over this puddle.
We would then take turns holding on to the hose and sliding into the puddle, getting our feet muddy and mud skating!
It was so much fun I get a smile on my face just from the memory :D
Here, we can't mud skate because there's grass in the yard. But I can take my kids to the local beach-pool. The little guy especially loves to go and play in the sand and shoot water guns at his brother and me. I get a smile on my face just watching him be so happy!

And to keep with the tradition, the other day while I was watering the back yard he took it upon himself to cool off!

He also loves scouts. He loves to wear his uniform, and as long as it's inside, he loves to go the meetings (I don't blame him, yesterday we got to 107 degrees! YIKES)
Last Thursday his pack meeting had some really cool activities. The boys all made a car out of a cardboard box and they raced with another boy tied at the ankles WHILE wearing their box cars!
They shot baskets while wearing the cars! It was fun to watch (from afar).
Then they got little trophies for coolest car, best design, etc.
It's the little things that count.

Cool cars

The little guy after receiving some of his belt loops
Off to the races!
Receiving his belt loops
A little trophy doesn't hurt

Today, we went to the mall for ice skating but we got there just when they were about to close. I hate to see the look of disappointment on my little guy's face so I took him next door to the LEGO store. He played around with some Legos (of which he already HAS TOO MANY) and he gave me a sad look and of course I gave in and bought him a few more pieces (colors that he didn't have, he claimed).
We had lunch there, at the mall (which was packed to the BRIM) and all was well with the world.

Evening Project

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