Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Craigslist Finds #1 - Wednesday July 27, 2011

I thought I'd add this as a regular feature and call it:

Wednesday's Finds
This is where I will list craigslist and other finds
in the north DFW area.
I have no ties to any of these ads
these are just some things I found
a.) seem like a good deal
b.) are something that I'd like to buy
c.) are of good quality for DIY
I will put the link directly under the pic
as the source.
If you are interested in any of these
you simply contact them
Again, I am doing this just as a feature
and a service to my readers in the
northern DFW area.
all ads and content belong to the person
selling the item.
With that being said, here we go:

This looks to be in good condition and is located in Allen. I'd love to have it in an
entry way.

This looks like a nice table. I would paint it black and add some nice
upholstered chairs in snazzy fabrics.

This would be so cute in a little girl's room for tea parties!
I'd offer $35 to $40 though :)

This would work as a vanity too. It comes with a cute chair.
I'd offer around $100 for both ;)

This would be nice painted white or as is in a small
breakfast nook or crafting room :)

These have bad pics, and missing wooden slats which can
be easily replaced.  I would offer around $70 for the set. He says he needs it
gone by the 30th.

And here are my go-to places whenever I need something FREE or I need to get RID of something FREE:

So far I have found
*an upright freezer
*a driveway basketball board/pole
*a leather sectional/sofa
*Ikea bunkbeds
*patio brick (enough to make a 10X10 patio)
*full size headboard

So don't dittle dattle- get out there and find those deals!
Or you could drive around your neighborhood and see
what other people consider trash.
It may just be what YOU were looking for :)

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  1. My husband loves to barter on Craig's List. It doesn't cost us any money and we get to trade what we don't want with something that someone else doesn't want. Lol. We've used Craig's List for rental and for selling stuff.


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