Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple and Easy Valentine's Day Crafts

Creating a Valentine's Day vignette, whether for your mantle, entry way or other flat surface should be simple and inexpensive. In this post I will show you how you can dress up your simple abode for this, the most romantic of holidays.

First of all let me just say (again) how I heart the Dollar Tree. Seriously, you can find anything you need for crafting, lots and lots of things, for $1!!! YAY!

For example, I wanted to put a pretty, white picture frame on my mantle but I did not want to shell out $15 at the Hobby Lobby for one. So I created my own.
I simply bought a dollar store document frame, painted it white then I added some fabric trim I got at Hob Lob for .99c per yard. I needed 2 yards. But you can use any ribbon, or scrap trim you may have. I hot glued it on, popped in my heart printable and tada! Simple beauty.

I also bought a pack of three small plastic terra cotta look planters at the Dollar Tree. I spray painted one white, hot glued some ribbon around it, filled it with rocks and stuck a painted dowel in. I then balled up some newspaper, taped it, and hot glued some pom poms around. Instant topiary. And it glitters too :)

Printable can be found here at Blooming Homestead's Blog

Next I made some faux mercury vases. I saw this on the Martha Stewart website. You simply get some glass vases and buy some Krylon Looking Glass spray paint (about $11.99 it's kinda pricey but I made these three and still have a lot left in the can). I got a spray bottle, sprayed some water in the vase, then quickly gave it one coat on the INSIDE of the vase. As I saw it start to smear, I simply dabbed with a damp paper towel. You let it dry, then do it about 4 more times. The effect is a mirror like finish with some imperfections. Let's just say since it was my first time there were a LOT of unwanted imperfections, but meh, I still put them up. I think they still look pretty ;)
I added a red feather boa for some pizzazz ;)
Next I knew I needed to update my gold mirror. I just primered it first, since its resin, then coated it with a couple of coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White.

 And last but not least, to tie it all together I made a cute little banner out of left over bandanas from Christmas, some pink felt and some $dollar store ribbon.

And there you have it. Simple.Pretty.Easy.Inexpensive.

I'll have more Valentine's Day ideas in the next few days. Keep checking back.
*All pics taken with my cell phone

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  1. Very cool! You are so creative! I feel like I need to come watch you put these things together--learn from the master, so-to-speak! ;)

  2. Very festive and it sounds like it would be fun to put together too.

    Got a chuckle out of your snow day post:) Your closet looks fantastic! Good job. Maybe if I had a little snow here in Oregon I could get something done too:)

  3. Wow, I love it! Thank you for sharing at Masterpiece Monday. Have a nice week! Mary :O)


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