Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrabble Tile Necklace Tutorial {Easy Peasy}

A few months ago, I learned how to make some cute scrabble tile necklaces at church.

I fell in love with how cute and simple these are to make. However, I did not like the idea that I had to purchase a very expensive (and stinky) epoxy to cover them with. Soooo I googled those necklaces and found a way to make them easier and cheaper! Is there any other way?
I got my supplies from Ebay. But you can get them thru etsy as well. {You can probably get these at a hobby shop too, but I don't like driving around trying to find stuff so I usually just go to ebay or etsy ;)}
This is the Ebay store I bought them from >>>Scrabble Tile Kit

Except I did not get the kit with the chains so the price was lower. I bought the chains and silk cording over at Oriental Trading Company>>>Cording Here
They come out to about $3 a piece and make great gifts (as you will later see -- my nieces were thrilled to get these as gifts from their favorite Aunt :D)

So after you get your kits, you will need the following:

Cute (quality) scrapbook paper or
photo paper and/or
computer image/graphics
photo on your computer
spray adhesive

If you have some cute scrapbook paper you simply cut out a piece that will fit on your scrabble tile. If you have a photo on your computer you will have to size it.
Now, I'm no computer whiz, so it took me a little bit to learn how to size it.
The way I did it is I chose my image then I right clicked on it and selected "open with" and I chose Paint.
There I could resize it and print it out on REGULAR paper to see if I liked the size, etc.
Once you get your image to fit nicely in the tile, then you print it out on PHOTO PAPER.
It's very important to use photo paper because it will keep your image from fading over time.
Next, you take your tile and you spray a LIGHT coat of adhesive. Immediately put your image on it and press gently to adhere. If your image starts to bleed then you put on too much adhesive.

Give it a few mintutes to dry. Next peel one of the epoxy stickers off the sheet and place on the image and the tile.
Add your favorite necklace or chain and TA DA! You'll be stylin' Girl!

I liked this project SO much that I decided to make some dog tags as well (I bought them from the same Ebay shop) Here are some images to get you started :)

{Right click on the image and save to your computer then print them out as a 5X7 on regular paper.
Play around with it to see how you want it on your tile then print on photo paper}

This would be a great project for any kind of gift giving occasion.


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  1. Wow... I never even thought about making these myself. I may have to try it as it would make some great personalized gifts for my family.

  2. Very cool! I love this idea, and I like your easier version. I was not too excited about the other glue either.


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