Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Sister and her Family Photo Session

I think I mentioned that my brother-in-law is on leave from the military. He and my sister and their three girls came up to spend some time with us these past couple of weeks. I have been itching to take some pics of them and practice my photo shooting skills (of which I have A LOT MORE TO LEARN) and finally a good day to do it came!
So enjoy my beautiful nieces {and their parents}

I love experimenting with my camera and my new found love-PICASA!! It is way easier than Photoshop and FREE!! I actually use the PICASA Picnik site and it ROCKS! You do have to pay 24.95 per year to use their premium features but they are totally worth it. I can't wait to buy myself a snazzy new camera. I am currently researching some Nikons and Canons. I hope to have it by the spring because I already have a shoot scheduled for the spring. I will be photographing some gorgeous Show Horses!!! I also will be photographing my co-worker's family. I am so excited for this new hobby of mine.

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  1. Your pictures look great!! I love Picasa too and have used it for a little while. I've not heard of their Picnik site thought, you'll have to tell me about it. You really have a great creative "eye" for things and how you set up your pictures. Great job!


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