Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Fun {Finally}

Well we were ecstatic to find out that snow was in the forecast for Sunday! YAY! But wait...don't get your hopes up high just yet. You see in North Texas the weather changes like {snap} that. First you're wearing shorts, then at noon you need a jacket. GAH!
So we waited to see if Mr. Weatherman was lying again. But lo and behold on Sunday morning it was freezing. I mean it was REALLY cold. I woke up with a huge sinus headache and we skipped church (again, honestly, I think our church friends may think we're never coming back. We haven't been to church since before Christmas- GASP!)
So, anyway, we stayed home and drank hot chocolate and saw snow falling in the backyard. We were OVERJOYED.
The kids and I just stared thru the window. Then Aaron threw on his jacket, I put his hat and gloves on him and off we went to play in the snow. (the other two sourpusses watched from inside) I quickly figured out I needed to put on some sturdier shoes and better clothes to play outside. So I ran in, took off my dress shoes I was wearing with white sports socks and pajama bottoms and put on my riding boots and thick wool coat, floppy hat and leather gloves and ran outside. I had so much fun! Isn't it great to have a small child that forces you to have fun? I mean I was literally giddy with glee :D
I love my little guy. I love watching him jump around and throw snowballs at me.
Then I attempted to make a snowman. But it ended up looking like some lump with a hat and two skewers for hands. Well at least I tried! I don't know about you but it's kinda hard to stick things in the snow for eyes and nose, etc.
So Mr. Weatherman was right. We had {finally} a sNoW dAy :)
And it was pure heaven.

                                                      Front Yard

Back Yard (Snow had started to cover everything)

My little guy always brings out the fun in me :D

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  1. I have missed seeing you, but I wasn't too worried. :) These are great pictures! It makes me look forward to Kenzie getting a little older so that we can truly enjoy playing in the snow.


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