Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold Weather-Hot Chocolate

Since it's finally turned cold here in North Texas we now have reason to celebrate by snuggling up by the fire, eating soup for dinner and having hot chocolate with marshmallows for dessert.  A few months ago, we had something our church calls Super Saturday where the women of our congregation gather together for a few hours and do lots of CRAFTS!! I taught an empanada class that morning and another lady taught us how to make homemade marshmallows! I loved them. And they were so easy to make. So when I wanted to make some fun winter weather snacks I remembered this marshmallow and how fluffy and delicious it was. Nothing at all like the storebought kind. But, I couldn't remember where I left the recipe :(
So I searched around the internet and found one I liked. These are easy to make and can be done with the whole family. I also found a recipe for chocolate ganache-pair these two together and you have hot chocolate on a stick :D Total Yummyness.
So here are the recipes:
How to make chocolate ganache and marshmallows

 These are the hot chocolate on a stick confections. I used a star shaped cookie cutter for the marshmallows. The ganache is quite rich and delicious.
 Here they are all wrapped up ready for gift giving. Wouldn't they make a pretty Valentine's Day gift as well if you use some pretty red ribbon? (it's cold in February people!)
 Now imagine sinking this baby into some hot milk...mmm...mmm. good
This is what the marshmallow looked like when I put it in the pan. Notice how the
powdered sugar/cornstarch mix is on top. You will keep some of this mixture on hand to make it less sticky. I suggest adding just a pinch more powdered sugar to the mix. It was a little cornstarchy but nothing that couldn't be tolerated.

My nieces were visiting us these past two weeks and they helped themselves to plenty of these! I am so glad they enjoyed their visit. We even had a fairly nice day where I took some pics of them. I'll post them next. They make such great models :D

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