Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Holding Myself Accountable!!

So every year we make New Year's resolutions for health, for working out, etc. Well this year I'm making some home projects resolutions. These things are loooong overdue!!I HAVE to finish these projects by the summer. YES I am making myself accountable. First off my son Josh's room:
Well it looks like this now:

As you  can see it is EMPTY! He has outgrown his bunkbed and the room with his little brother. As a teenager he needs his own space and I have some really grand plans for him. We are going out to get his bedroom set this week folks! That's right this week. I have been promising his own room now for a year (GASP). His room will be modern looking and fit for a growing young man :) I will paint it in a nice gray, add some snazzy window treatments and some IKEA furniture.

Then I will have to do something with THIS

If you can call it a closet. I have WAY too many things scattered around this space and everywhere else in my house! I have to HAVE a place to keep my crafts organized so I am putting in a special shelf here to house it ALL!! Stay tuned for that.

And after doing the big guy's room I have to finish the little guy's room. He loves to draw and he loves to build but he also loves the DARK KNIGHT aka BATMAN. So his room will have to incorporate all he loves. We'll see how that goes.

And last but not least. The family loft/game room/everything room. It is SO bare. I have to make it more livable. It's a great room for everyone to hang out in (READ KIDS) while the adults are downstairs making convo during dinner parties and get togethers. So there you have it. Those 4 rooms will be getting a makeover this year.
I hope you hold me up to it :)

Can you say MAJOR redecorating job? Yeah. And I will have to do this all on a very teensy bitsy budget.
But tomorrow. I will reveal my 2nd half of the laundry room makeover and show you some ways to make your laundry room less of a chore and more pleasant for you to be in :)
Happy Monday!

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