Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slowly But Surely-I'll Be Organized

Since today was a snow/ice/sleet day, the kids and I stayed home from school/work.
And being the overly inspired person that I am, I struck while the iron was still hot and got to work on cleaning out my home office. I thought it would take me ...oh..say..half a day and then the rest the kids and I could play. Well right around noon I found myself STILL working on cleaning out the darned DESK!
I had so much crap rammed up in those drawers at times I felt like crying :(
How and why (!) did I just accumulate so much paper!! AGGGHHH!!!
So after looking at each and every paper, before I shred it, tossed it, or put it in a pile to be filed (this last pile turned into more than one pile as there was LOTS to be filed >:/   ) I then painstakinly arranged everything neatly into categories in each of the four drawers. THEN I noticed how filthy the desk was! So I had to go get a damp rag to dust it. This led me to dusting the filing cabinet, lamp-- gosh when will it EVER end!
As I looked around at the tremendous piles of crap all over the floor I again felt like crying or just running away!
I started thinking that maybe springing for a professional organizer wasn't such a bad idea after all ((scratches chin)) but then I snapped out of it and got back to work.
I put on a movie on netflix so I could listen/watch as I worked. But then I found myself getting engrossed in the movie that I stopped working. So I just turned my back to the screen and continued to sort thru paper.
After all this was done and two trips out to the trash cans (where I promptly was reminded{by MR. WINTER} that it was 17 degrees outside and I wasn't wearing a jacket OR SHOES)
I got to work on the filing cabinet ((sigh))
Hours later I found myself inside the closet sitting on my legs and feeling, no actually not feeling them!! I had to get up and walk around as I shrieked in pain from them going numb (don't you just hate that?)
Soooo after spending ALL friggin' day working on this little piece of heaven >:/
I started cutting out cute labels for all the baskets I had. I then sorted thru all my crafting supplies and started to arrange them.
Keep in mind that I am just working with whatever I have on hand. And the finished product may (will actually change).
So here's my before:

 This is an antique cupboard that will eventually be painted and will house more baskets with crafting supplies.
                                              The craptastic closet

                                     My Cricut is in here somewhere
Can you believe ALL this junk was in that little closet?! You gotta hand it to me though, I sure know how to hide things ;)

Now don't go patting me on the back just yet. I had to move a LOT of that junk over to the attic and my bedroom. I also moved a ton of artwork my hubby has from over the years and I have No.Idea. where to put them :( So I just propped them against my bedroom wall for ever now.
I still have  a lot of paper to shred. And things to give away. I cleared off all the figurines and trinkets on that cupboard and will be putting them on freecycle. I figure someone else might want to decorate with angels right?
So here's the after:

                                     These are just some of the MANY bags
                                     I have to take outside tomorrow.

Now here's some up close pics:

              Cupboard --I'm debating whether to paint it white or black?
What do you think? My desk is black.
 These are Ikea baskets. The labels are just vinyl punched with my scallop punch and I wrote on them with Chalk Ink.
 This little shelf was in my upstairs den. I put my fabric and felt in this deep basket so I don't have to scramble around trying to find it. The bottom green "drawers" are simple cardboard box lids that I had left over from last year. They are labeled "tissue", "Christmas bags/boxes" and "Gift Bags". This will also serve as my wrapping station. I am going to get a peg board and hang it on top of this little shelf. Then I am going to hang my wrapping paper from there :) I can't wait to show you.

 It took all day, but at least I can breathe easy knowing where most of my stuff is. So what do you do on your Snow/Ice/Sleet or "Sneet" day?
Keep warm!

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  1. That's a huge improvement! You should be proud of yourself :D

  2. Love, love, LOVE the scallop punch you're using! I think that black paint would look awesome and pop off of that beautiful blue you have on the wall. Great job!

    Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife


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