Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Floorplans, Legos and Wood Blocks

Ever since I can remember, my son Aaron, has been a builder. First I noticed he had a knack for drawing floorplans. That's right, floorplans! My toddler wasn't drawing the sun and the flowers and cars, he drew our house floorplan! I couldn't believe it!
He continued with this little talent of his and soon started building bridges out of his cardboard "bricks". One day when he was about 3, I walked into my bathroom and there was this cardboard brick bridge that spanned about  6 feet, with columns at just the right places for support. I couldn't believe it! I thought someone helped him. When I asked he said "just me mama". I wish I took a picture of that.
Well then he entered kindergarten. And one night, at meet the teacher night, I sat down at his little desk to see what they had been working on. Lo and behold I opened up his sketch book to find the floorplan of the school!! Complete with fire escapes, everything! Again I asked if this was some sort of project they worked on. "No", he said, "just me." :D
So now he is 8 years old. His "buildings" and floorplans are getting more elaborate. Now, I've heard of art prodigies ( my 19 y.o. daughter Ellison may be one,she has already sold several of her pieces; I'll have a post dedicated to her soon, too), musical prodigies, etc, but a floorplan and architectural prodigy??? I think I may have one :)
So following you will see some of his creations. Some of them with legos, which is pretty standard for a kid, but most are done with things he finds around the house, like empty pill bottles (???), scrap wood, checker boards, and anything else he may find. You say your kids are out playing soccer, basketball and football? My kids are always inside CREATING :) and that's just fine by me ;).

 He's got lots of sketch books and pens, pencils, markers, etc. I like to encourage him.
                                 Tower made out of stuff he finds around the house
                                 It's his little details that I love!
                                 He even used the left over Camo Easter Eggs!
                                     His "fire escape plan" of our house

                            This was a "quick" sketch he did in his bedroom chalkboard

 These are the cardboard bricks I was talking about. If your kid doesn't have these then
I suggest you get them for him/her. They are the BEST investment in a toy I have ever made. Ellison had them too! They are SO durable. You can find them here. Your kids will play with these for HOURS!! From babies to big kids.

Here's his "Chinese Temple" he worked on tonight:

                                   Notice again, the attention to detail and the use
                                 of different "mediums" such as dominos!
Here's one of my favorites:

I feel it's very important to encourage our kids, even if they're not "technically" yours, to be the best they can be. If I see a child who is interested in art, writing, sports, dance, whatever it may be, it's important to encourage him/her. I get my children things that will inspire their creativity, books that will take them to different worlds, sketch pads that will be their drawing boards for "magic" and anything else I see they take an interest in I'm right there behind them.

Next, I will post about my very favorite girl :) Who, at age 4, started creating "magic" with pencil and paper ;)
Stay tuned!

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  1. That is amazing! Very Cool. I love your pictures too, especially the ones from the car's perspective.


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